Luminaris: A Beautiful Stop-Motion Short Film About Light

Luminaris is an amazing stop-motion short film by Argentinean director Juan Pablo Zaramella. It’s about a lightbulb factory worker who dreams of changing his world.

(via The Creators Project)

  • ZD

    This is an amazing stop motion!!  This is what I strive for when I make my own stop motions.  The creativity, the effects… it’s GREAT!!

  • Am


  • bobnalyd


  • MikeAlgar42

    Time lapse and Stop Motion! Incredibly charming.

  • Foto Actualidad

    The animation technique is called Pixilation

  • Pryere

    Charming it certainly is.

  • Alexander Nordström

    and this video was uploaded 10 months ago, pretty hard to believe it has gone unnoticed for so long!

  • Kirkuk14

    One of the best I have seen so far!
    I salute this creative mind…..bravo

  • Michael Goulding

    Ahh it’s gone!!!

  • Keith Walker

    What is the password to enable me to watch this?

  • Anh Vu

    The clip on Vimeo is gone…

    There is another on youtube here:

  • GW

    It now requires a password for viewing. :/