A Portrait of Street Photographer Joel Meyerowitz

Leica recently put out this short portrait of renowned street photographer Joel Meyerowitz, who talks about his beginnings as a photographer and also his role in creating an archive of the destruction and recovery at Ground Zero. Starting from a few days after the 9/11 attacks, Meyerowitz shot over 8,000 in and around the site with the help of a special workers pass that gave him privileged access.

(via Leica Rumors)

  • Mauricio Andres Ramirez Lozada

    I hate this “stories” designed to be a commercial, but DAMN! i loved his work

  • Melo

    Compelling…until… you realize it’s a commercial.  “Cymbal smash”.

  • Richard

    His book on this work: Aftermath is a spectacular piece of work. It’s tough to find new anymore for some reason. Maybe a limited printing. The prints of these images can be seen at the Museum of New York down near ground zero and they’re incredible. Very large with amazing detail.

  • Osh