How Three New Internet Movements Are Changing the World of Art

Here’s a great 6-minute video in which PBS Off Book examines the impact three Internet phenomena — Kickstarter, Creative Commons, and The Creators Project — are impacting the world of art.

Traditional funding models are dissolving, new forms of expressing ownership have arisen to accomodate for remix culture, and artists are finding ways to connect physical art experiences and traditions to the internet. In the digital era, the experience of art from the perspective of the artist and the art audience is shifting rapidly, and bringing more people into the creative process.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Tomasz Tom Kulbowski

    So true, this is NOW! The old models, especially “black & white” copyrights, but also culture/art projects funding, are no longer functioning properly in the new environment and struggling to survive. That struggle effects with some crazy desperate ideas (like ACTA), but their days are over. Evolution is not about forcing reality to adapt to yourself, but about being flexible, progressive, open, and adapting yourself to the reality. Or dying.