Facial Recognition Software Guesses Age Based on a Photo

Facial recognition service has announced a new feature in its API: age detection. After analyzing a photograph of a person’s face, the software returns three values: minimum age, maximum age, and estimated age, along with the confidence level of the guesses. Applications for the new technology include enhanced parental controls and targeted advertising. If you want to test out the service yourself, you can play around with the API here (in the photo above, the correct age is ~47). API Sandbox (via Face via Gizmodo via PopPhoto)

  • gringo_locodc

    For one picture I used, the minimum was 2 years older than I was in the picture.  The estimate was 12 years older than what I was.

    For another picture I sued, the minimum was 1 year older than I was in the picture, and the estimated was 7 years older than me….

  • James Bailey

    I would sue as well if it said I was older ;)

  • Anonymous Coward

    It was dead on for a picture of me.  Then, I scrolled over to a picture of Justin Bieber and it identied Bieber as a 14 year old girl.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Seriously, I am not even kidding.   Click on the API link, scroll over to the picture of Bieber, click “Call Method”, then mouse over his picture.

  • xpirex

    Thing would not work for me at all.. what browser were you all using?

  • Ty Komjati

    It said I was at least 37 years old.  I’m 24.  Ouch.

  • Mediatekk

    Hmm. Why would someone want you to upload a picture of your face to their database?

  • newamericanclassic

    that was eerie.. dead-on guess–well, the age was my next bday in a month.
    “glasses: false”

  • newamericanclassic

     .. you can use your own URL. I honestly don’t care, it’s just my face. of which you can see many photos on my facebook.

  • Spirulina

    This is so cool. I love seeing what % gender it gives people.

  • Anatole Klapouch

    Doesn’t work…. I’m 33, not 50.
    Maybe it’s my beard, idk….


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