Apollon: Concept Cameras that Connect Together for Social Photography

Apollon is a concept camera designed by product designer Gordon Tiemstra for his industrial design university project. The big concept is that the camera can be physically combined with your friends’ cameras, allowing them to snap photographs together to create things like panoramas and 3D photographs. The images captured by any camera in the cluster is wirelessly transferred to all of the others, giving everyone the complete set of images that were snapped.

Here’s a “commercial” for the camera:

Apollon [Gordon Tiemstra]

  • sandervdveen

    nice design/concept, doubt it will be that functional. 

  • Cynical Hipster

    The hipsters will never let go of the 4s for this. Looks like a grenade. Bet TSA would love this at check in.

  • Flgraphics

    looks strange, and the demonstration didn’t even appear to work very well

  • ga1n

    Merging the photos can be done via software.

    Also with apple iphone’s excellent voice recognition, remote operation will be as easy as saying “cheese”. This is not compelling in the age of apple.

  • T R

    Hipsters gonna go wild!

  • T R

     Apple can suck my dick

  • basher

     ^^ an example of a loser.

  • T R

    U jelly, hipster?