Framed: Short Film About a Photographer Shot Using an iPhone 4S

Framed is a beautiful and creative short film about a photographer taking pictures in the woods when he encounters something unexpected. French filmmaker Mael Sevestre filmed the entire thing using an iPhone 4S and built a custom rig for recording footage through the old twin lens reflex camera seen in the film.

(via Photojojo)

  • Tracey Easter

    I love this!

  • poblano

    falta señalar el problema de estabilizacion
    Iphone 4s- stabilisation problem

  • dustin

    extremely similar concept to this short film here

  • Dave Reynolds

    This seemed kinda creepy/stalkerish. 

  • Daniel Yu Suzuki

    What the hell was the point of that short? Was it his dead wife? Some random lady? He hardly cared when she disappeared. Shoot with whatever capture device, but at least have a solid story. 

  • Geoffrey Froment

    nice video from 2010, get off the delorean PETAPIXEL !!!

  • Albertoberta40

     You missed entirely the meaning of the film. Are you a photographer?

  • Spider- Man

    google open ended story and maybe it’ll make more sense. but from reading this comment I doubt it….


    how could it be from 2010 and with an iphone 4s , just saying . whos wrong ?

  • Jamie Barlow

    I don’t know why, but this gave me chills right down my neck and back…