Portraits of People with Their Trash Bins

Singapore-based photographer Aw Zinkie‘s photo series “Republic of Pulau Semakau” explores the idea of a trash bin being an essential part of an individual’s personal space, and a way of examining their identity. Her portraits show the subjects in their personal environments with their faced replaced by held up trash bins. The series also highlights issues of waste management in Singapore, and the fact that every individual’s trash causes them to become a “founder” of the offshore Semakau Landfill.

Republic of Pulau Semakau (via Flavorwire)

Image credits: Photographs by Aw Zinkie and used with permission

  • will hall

    An interesting concept done quite well, but completely unrealistic. My bin Stinks and it certainly wouldnt want a load of kitchen scraps infront of my face, I cant be the only one.

  • beatser

    ns” emblem ball hats are public art logos of your Cleveland Brow

  • Zinkie Aw