BumpyPhoto Turns 2D Photographs into 3D Color Sculptures

At CES 2012 back in January, Casio showed off a 2D to 3D conversion service that turns photos into sculptures. Now a new Portland, Oregon-based company called BumpyPhoto is bringing the technology to the masses. With prices starting at $59, BumpyPhoto will take your standard photograph, turn it into a 3D model using their special software, and then create a color 3D relief sculpture for you.

Here’s a short video introducing the service and showing off some before & after examples:

BumpyPhoto (via PopPhoto)

  • Photos By Rikki

    Of course they had to tilt it to see up the skirt :)

  • Jreinertnash
  • will hall

    Very interesting, as long as their magic software works equally well with all photos. Although the colors did look a little muted in the final pieces

  • John Milleker

    Not a fan, I predict Mall Kiosks selling these (like the crystal 3D etchings) and then going out of business when the novelty wears off. At least give the option of taking four or eight photographs around the subject (when possible) to make a real 3D sculpture. The stretched sides of the 3D image just look pretty bad.

  • Kevlar256

    Wow this looks amazing! I have always wanted something like that.

  • Sibues

    It looks creepy, but I guess it’s because of the 3d conversion.  This is where I see the 3D gimmick in some cameras kinda useful.

  • cerenzio

     the average person likes things easy. People have enough trouble using their digital camera at as it is. If it’s too advance, it will absolutely be a novelty, as only a select group will be skilled enough to use it.