Man Records 1 Second of Footage from Each Day at Age 30

Cesar Kuriyama spent a couple years saving enough money to take an entire year off from work — his 30th year of life. He spent that year living frugally, doing all the things he never had enough time to do: travelling, personal creative projects, and spending time with family. He decided to document that special year by capturing 1 second of footage every single day and creating a short compilation video at the end, similar to Madeline’s video that we shared back in January. After completing the year, Kuriyama now is planning to capture 1 second from each day for the rest of his life. This means he’ll have a 5-hour video summarizing 50 years of life if he lives to be 80, since every decade creates roughly one hour of video.

(via Coudal)

  • John Milleker

    Great idea, but it seemed a little slow and I had a hard time following. I’m thinking that if the whole movie were sped up a lot faster our brains could follow easier and the flow would keep our interest.

  • Ahmed

    Madlines like not working

  • Joacim Roboman Schwartz

    April 12th

    Portal Movie!?

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Slobit75

    I lost interest after 6 seconds

  • Wil Fry

     I couldn’t get more than six seconds of the video to load … But yeah, I had lost interest by then.

  • Donsepe

    My wife and I celebrated our 30yrs of togetherness in 30 photos….(“,)

  • Guest


  • Worko


  • Guest

    I am losing respect for PetaPixel…this sucks!

  • Chris Vink

    I actually loved it. There is some kind of mystery behind each second, something that makes you guess what his life was like, what he was thinking when he did that. It’s the same thing that makes me look at very old pictures for hours, the mystery behind those frames and people. 

    Also, kinda harsh comments here. Be nice, if you don’t like something, sure. But really
    “boring…. “, “This sucks!”. Come on guys, you’re better than this.

  • Frode

    Wonderful, wonderful!

  • duq

    I agree with Chris V., each second has a story behind it. The author could watch this and think “I remember that! And that! And THAT” like a flood. Someone’s in the hospital for a stretch which I’m sure was pretty intense. Another second says “I’m sick” with a sad face, but a few seconds later he’s riding a bike around green grass, reminding the viewer, or the author, that down times are short. This too shall pass. Loved the squirrels.

  • Fastactingrelief

    I would love to see this done with a homeless person, or people in different professions.  It’s a pretty good way to get a snapshot of someones lifestyle/quality of life. 

  • Chiuy

    Great video to capture his life to look back but not so much for everyone else. It’s more like… “What’s so special about that teddy bear?” but in reality… it holds a lot of meaning such as… “My dad gave this bear to me when I was little. It was the last time I saw him but this bear protects me every night.”

  • Andrew Ferguson

    May 20th was Jane Mcgonigal’s ‘Find the Future’ event at the NYPL; Cesar & I were both participants there, spending the night in the library.

    My photos:

  • neilypeelie

    I was thinking the same. Mine’s with stills not video. Not one a day, but still spanning the whole of 2011. Even so… really only of interest to me and my family/friends).

  • Keith Lackie

    I like the idea, perhaps 5 seconds a day, or a minute a week.. Ah I don’t know. It was good though :)

  • Sophy26

    Wow, I think this is pretty engaging, even as a stranger.  For the photographer, it’s going to be a wonderful way to remember the year.  I’m wondering…what sort of variety of life would my project show?  Shower, work, sleep?  :)  But yes, I thought that his images were varied and attractive and interesting.  I wonder how much editing he did, as far as choosing the 1 second for the day. 

  • GlossGreen

    Great video, very engaging. There’s just hint of the life he’s led and the people in it. Enough to want to know more.

  • Birthday Boy

    I gotta upgrade my life style.. ;-)