First Full Photos of the Samsung NX20

Dutch website Focus Media has published several photographs of the upcoming Samsung NX20 mirrorless camera, along with a list of specs. The camera will be slightly larger than the NX11 (there a thicker grip), and will offer a 20.3MP sensor, built in Wi-Fi for uploading images to the web, 8fps continuous shooting, ISO 100-12800, i-Function 2.0, built-in flash, an electronic viewfinder, 1080p HD video recording (with a separate button), and a 3-inch tilting screen on the

You can find more of the leaked images here.

(via Focus Media via Photo Rumors)

  • Jackson Cheese

    But is it dishwasher safe?

  • Kyoshinikon

    Prosumer a77 has 24mpx and 12 fps,  Consumer Nx20 is 20mpx and does 8fps. Consumer J1 is only 10mp but can do 60 fps…  Last gen a900 and D3x were 24mps and did 5fps.   Did Nikon and Canon miss the memo?  5Dmk3 is 22mp and does 5fps, D800 is 36mp and does 4fps…

  • MentalD

    These numbers are mostly for consumers, that’s why. Who really needs that much megapixels or fps?  Also, if AF can’t keep up, that many frames per second are just worthless. 

  • Lejacobroy

    why is it so ugly???

  • Michael

    Damn it’s really ugly, way to go Samsung!

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    why does that thing look so unrefined?

  • MikeAlgar42

    It looks like a cake model of a camera.

  • -MARS- Photography

    First off… Its a Samsung… Why are we looking at this?   Because we are confused.  I personally thought the headline was eluding to a full frame sensor.  If Samsung wants to make a name for itself with Cameras (THAT DON’T SUCK), it needs to do something nobody else does… Namely something that people want…

    If I could buy a Mirrorless, that has a Great Electronic Viewfinder, and is Full frame, and has the features that Mirrorless are so great about… Why would I need to compare it to anything else?

  • mythbuster

    Nice camera, but wifi for uploading images in the web is useless for me. More interesting is the promised but never arrived 16-80 f 3.5-4-5 lens (roughly 24-120). If Samsung can produce this lens, with good performance and smaller and lighter than the Zeiss equivalent, it could be a NEX killer.

  • Syuharris

     cameras are for making pictures, not shooting rabbits