Canon 5D Mark II Combined with an Old German Folding Camera

Director Jason Bognacki had a Contessa-Nettel Piccolette German folding camera from 1919 sitting around on his shelf for ages, and decided one day to bring it back to life by attaching it to his Canon 5D Mark II.

Here are some photographs taken with the combo:

The 5DMkII View Camera [Today’s Tomorrow]

Image credits: Photographs by Jason Bognacki and used with permission

  • Ian Ludwig

    Those are some good results.

  • Philip Han

    I absolutely love this idea. The Full Frame definitely adds to it compared to my tests on my 7D. Those results have some beautiful flares by the way!

  • stanimir stoyanov

    What is the rubber eyepiece on the other side of the 5d ii? Is it attached to the LCD screen (?!)

  • 9inchnail
  • Michael

    Why nice concept, stunning colors on the photo.
    I wonder how much of these images have been photoshoped,,,

  • mythbuster

    If you all look at these images and don´t know how were taken , for sure would say they are plain bad, but you think it is more interesting playing the snob…

  • Eran

  • dr.toboggan

    y are you such a asshole