Speeding Up Climate Change Through Time-Lapse Photography

The Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) is a multi-year project by National Geographic photographer James Balog that aims to make show climate change in action through time-lapse imagery of glaciers. Balog has 27 Nikon D200 DSLRs pointed at 18 glaciers around the world snapping 8,000 photographs each year while powered by solar panels. His custom-designed rigs — created through months of trial and error — also include heavy duty tripods, waterproof cases, and wind-proof anchors. He has also created a documentary film about his project titled Chasing Ice.

Here’s a clip from the film, which is screening at SXSW this week:

TIME writes,

But the technology innovated by Balog and his team doesn’t just allow EIS to take those pictures: the Survey aims to put them to good use. Balog, who had been a skeptic about climate change until about 20 years ago, says that seeing the evidence of climate change may make a difference where human stubbornness otherwise persists. He takes a zen perspective on change, believing that whatever landscape is underneath the glaciers, to be revealed by their melting, will also be perfect in its own way, but says he is disheartened by the extent to which people refuse to recognize their place in causing that change and its inevitable climatic, political and military consequences.

Chasing Ice (via TIME via PopPhoto)

Image credit: Photograph by Extreme Ice Survey

  • SK

    Snapping 8,000 photographers each year?

  • Michael Zhang

    Whoops. Thanks for catching that :)

  • Boby

    its called dedication and responsibility, this is a great story! i mean how many people get up to think to do this. 

  • Tom

    Amazing.  Glad there are people out there with the drive to do these long form projects

  • Dugcoinc

    I wonder how much money in grants he gets to line his pockets with. Global warming is a scam, you think this guy is doing this to prove global warming is true, no I think he’s doing it for the money and it looks like fun I would love to travel the Earth and shoot landscapes on the guvment dole! Also please take note that the name has changed to climate change don’t cha know.

  • Rich

    Even with proof you still deny it. You are truly an idiot.

  • photoman

    @ Dugcoinc then why haven’t you done it?

  • mike

    Troll or moron.

  • Dr John

    Look – millions of years before man walked on the earth, most of the continental US was covered by a glazier miles thick – Glaziers have been melting for millions of years and there is nothing man has done to cause that.  It may not be politically correct to believe that, but it is a fact!  There’s the proof that you are denying.

  • Dugcoinc

    You do know that it takes one to know one, and so what I’ve been called worse by better!

  • Dugcoinc

    Not elite enough I suppose, wrong side of the tracks and all.

  • Dugcoinc

    Me or you Mike, not sure I can tell from the comment, if you’re talking about me… sure why not.

  • Dugcoinc

    Just like the Gentleman doing the “research” in the story I’m not going to do it free either!

  • sk

    For me, it’s clear. You’re the moron.

  • gtianz

    So, you are denying the dramatic and negative impacts the human race is having on the planet?  To include the massive consumption of coal and oil.

    In 100 years the human population has gone from 1 billion to 7 billion people. 

    We’ve raped the oceans and a very large portion of the earths natural resources.  

    Trying to argue against these things is moronic and yes, you are a fool if you believe CO2 is not a contributing factor to the melting ice, changing weather patterns, and the oceanic currents.

  • Dr John

    Wow – typical lefty stooping to name calling.  So you’re just ignoring the fact that glaziers have been steadily melting for millions of years on their own?  Do I think that melting Glaziers is occurring – of course they are, and guess what – there is nothing you or I can do about it – period!  Is the melting a major concern – maybe.  But to say Man is the reason – or has accelerated the melting is just not supportable by any scientific analysis.  Population explosion and a dramatic increase of our natural resources is a major concern, and one that must be dealt with, but I was commenting on the melting Glaciers.  Do yourself a favor and look up ICE AGE

  • Dugcoinc

    @giantits…oops sorry I mean @gtianz, come on don’t be a troglodyte, you gain nothing by living in a cave. Man-kind is a part of nature we’re a part of this Earth everything we do is in conjunction with nature. No class, order, family, genus, or species is going to destroy anything on this planet. “Global-Warming” is about control, leftist domination, do you think you would survive let-alone excel in the new world order, no sir, you would most likely become a servant at best and a slave at worst. Please think for yourself, don’t proselytize for this cult of the left. Why be a milquetoast lickspittle stand-up to those that lie to you. Science is not consensus, if many question the data, then something is not right. Michael Mann should be brought up on fraud and larceny charges IMHO.

  • gtianz

     Name calling?

    Simply because I acknowledge that the ever increasing output of CO2 since the industrial revolution is impacting the planet’s temperature and weather patterns I instantly get name called and classified as a “leftist”?

    Quite presumptuous.  And, wrong.

    Are you really a Dr. or do you just like to play one on the Internet?  I ask because you definitely don’t sound like one.

    “Do yourself a favor” and open your mind. 

    This would be a good place to start:

  • gtianz

     Arguing with iron willed and strong minded individuals such as yourself is a fools errand. 

    Plugging your ears while screaming “There’s no such thing as global warming!” doesn’t make it any less real.

    Using big words that you looked up at doesn’t make your rambling diatribe of nonsense magically turn into a viable argument.

    And, whether you believe it or not…..  This is NOT a political argument.  It is a political distraction which conveniently prevents anything from being accomplished to remedy the true problems.

    Read that last paragraph a few times and then apply it to all political arguments.  Be careful….. it might just blow your mind.

  • Greg125557

    How much C-02 is released from a Volcano?? I think we have had lots of those over the last couple of Millon years!!!!!!!

  • Oneborneveryminute

    You’re quite the victim aren’t you Dugcoinc? You poor thing. Virtual hug coming your way.

  • Michael Thompson

    I bet you were a C student (or lower) in school…just got to be.