Reminder: Change the Clocks in Your Cameras for DST

Daylight saving time started this past Sunday. Unless you’ve been operating an hour off from those around you, you probably remembered to change the clocks around your home and in your car… but did you remember to change the clock in your camera?

Image credit: Reminded by kayakeverywhere

  • Thomas Armstrong

    Bad idea! Bad boy, bad boy… you are making us all screw up here… Ok, maybe it’s better to make my point:

    If you are travelling around different time zones over the year, keep your camera’s clock in UTC time all the time. You won’t have to worry about the camera clock never again!  Did I change the clock before arriving from Hong Kong to Dubai? Do my pictures taken in Dubai have the time from Hong Kong or from Dubai?  You get the idea.

    If you just stay on one time zone all year, do as you want. You won’t get into any trouble…

  • AndyGapin

    Thanks for the reminder! I had forgotten!

  • will hall

    dammit, i finally got round to correcting it a couple of weeks ago, shoulda waited…

  • aebrett

    I’m with Thomas here – keep your camera in UTC (aka GMT) and then you never have to remember to change the clock when changing time zones or for DST. Otherwise, unless you’re incredibly disciplined, you’re bound to forget to change the clock at least once if you try to keep switching to local time every time you change location. Using local time also introduces ordering issues if you’re shooting close to when you move across a time zone boundary and sort your photos by capture time.

  • Sdf

    Daylight wasting time we don’t need

  • Just Visiting

    Lucky I live on the equator.

  • Jeff Peterson

    Completely forgot about that, thanks for the reminder.  That’s one clock I didn’t think of adjusting.

  • Krondor

    Don’t change anything yet if you live in the EU. The European Summer Time comes this year on 25 March.

  • Wil Fry

    I’ve purposefully *never* changed my camera’s clocks for DST or even when traveling to other time zones. Mainly because I’m banking on future laziness — I know I’d forget to reset them when I return to my normal time. Also, this way, I *always* know what time my camera is keeping.

    I don’t travel as much as I used to, but it’s really handy to know without looking exactly what time zone the camera is in.