KillShot: A Rifle Camera for Hunting with Photos Instead of Bullets

The KillShot is a rifle-shaped digital camera that’s designed to let hunters shoot photographs instead of bullets without losing the feel of working with a rifle. Designed to look just like a standard hunting rifle, the camera features a scope with crosshairs on top that serves as the viewfinder. The resulting photographs serve as trophies for your kill that offer proof of your skill at stalking and outsmarting your prey. While it’s only a design at the moment, there’s currently a Kickstarter campaign that aims to make the KillShot a reality. A $150 contribution will pre-order one for you if the fundraising is successful.

Harmless Hunter (via Gizmodo)

  • MrRocking

    Ha! Waiting for the 1st accidental kill of a KillShot owner.


    This is great news for all photographers harassed by the police ! Let’s ditch the DSLR and use a camera rifle instead. What could possibly go wrong ?

  • Chris

    I think they’re missing the point that lots of people hunt FOR meat.  It’s not that they just want to kill some animal, it’s that it makes it a lot easier to eat the tasty animals if you kill them first…  o.O

  • -MARS- Photography

    this is the EXACT same thing that was developed 10 years ago, and never sold well.  Its an awesome concept, and it looks amazing… but when you skimp on the camera part, you are left with a toy gun… that happens to take pictures

  • miklos

    I can totally see myself shooting long exposures of traffic from an overpass with this camera. 

  • Pat David

    You’re off by about 66 years – this was developed back in 1936 by Leica already…

  • miklos

    (I think he means 76 years)

  • John Milleker

    Ouch, worst idea ever?

  • Matt

    Clock tower.

  • will hall

    the IQ on that looks appalling for a start, if you are going to have a trophy image you’d want a half decent one. What’s the effective focal length? will it work with night vision? does is smear your bullet out in twilight? What about bullet drop and wind? can you get a version with the cross-hair placed for better composition?

  • Christiaan Lowe-Photography

    Would this be ok ffor my Wedding Photography,Love to see the couple run when I point and say smile !! lol

  • Casey Myers

    No Really! Mr Park Ranger I am just taking pics I promise!!!

  • Andrew Benson

    If the paper companies would start making meat-based papers, after the “killshot,” they could rush home and color-correct, HDR+tonemap and then print their dinner. Yum.

  • Dennis Marciniak

    I live in a high rise and have always had problems taking pictures from above. This is the perfect solution!


  • stanimir stoyanov

    Hahaha, imagine shooting downtown with this setup.

  • Pat David

    I thought the leica gun was made in 1936 – and the op said the same thing was developed 10 years ago, i’m saying that the op was off by 66 years.  :D

  • Moira

    Try getting that through airport security! If they’re willing to get bent out of shape over a Giotto’s Rocket, what are they going to do with this?!

  • Cinchedphotography

    Cant wait until the paparazzi get a hold of these…”can i take your picture Mr President?”

  • Emurod

    Can only be a matter of time until we get a gun shaped like a DSLR

  • Michael

    Emurod, I think James Bond already did that.

  • Leaper80447

    you just can’t eat a photo. It is a bad deal waiting to happen.Someone will see someone with it and think it’s a real gun . I don’t think I need say anything after that .do I?

  • Alan Dove

    If The Donald’s boys had had one of these, people wouldn’t be screaming at them now.

  • rohit kothari@techotalk

    thats amazing i want one  but seems image quality is poor

  • Harmless Hunter

    This is a product that experienced hunters who like to harvest, hunters that do not want to harvest, novice hunters and people looking to get into a new sport can use. People who do not get to experience an actual hunt because they do not like the “kill” can experience the thrill of a real hunt and come away with a satisfying KillShot photo. My wife for example loves to hunt with me, but is not into the kill of the sport. She would like nothing more than to be in a stand or a blind, have a monster buck walk by, snap a killshot and brag about what she saw and I didn’t. Trust me, I would never hear the end of it!.
    For avid hunters like myself who harvest game animals using ballistics or archery methods, we will be able to document the KillShot with the digital camera scope attached to our hunting rifle or crossbow. The technology is in the digital rifle scope and has the ability to attach and detach to any hunting rifle. Picture quality is a minimum of 8 megapixels which is considered they quality of a 8X10 35mm photo!
    Another great benefit is for children not old enough to legally hunt. Now they can join in on the hunt, pick their spot in the woods and have a chance to snap a “KillShot” that will create a memory for their lifetime! Getting a child outdoors to experience what we experience, share with them our own passions, teach them the values, ethics, and gun safety in a safe setting is priceless.
    Another awesome use will be for Digital Warfare games. With being able to connect to the scope via cell phone, you can form clans and pit battles against each other in urban or woodland environments. The digital picture will be transmitted to all other players showing the KillShot and effectively eliminating that player from the game. This is much safer then games like paintball or airsoft where actual projectiles are fired. You won’t have to wear eye and body protection.
    And yet another benefit. Law Enforcement can use this product to train in safe conditions in scenarios where a sniper is needed. Departments will save alot of money investing in very expensive technology that only allows them to simulate on a screen. “KillShot” allows you to create situations being a real life experience with more action and interuptions to deal with. It is easy to throw rounds down range. Being able to create these scenarios and train effectively is a one of a kind training that you will not learn on a firing range. 
    As judged against an average 35mm photo taken on good quality, typical ISO-range film printed at a standard size, most manufacturers seem to suggest that a 6 to 9 megapixel digital camera will give you comparable image quality. The minimum KillShot will have is 8.

    If you wanted to make an 8 x 10 portrait:8 inches x 300 ppi = 2400 pixels10 inches x 300 ppi = 3000 pixels2400 x 3000 = 7200000 pixels, or 7.2 megapixels.

    A rifle that doesnt shoot a projectile and can not hurt anything?!! What is wrong with you all? THATS AWESOME! Teach your kids gun safety and they wont do stupid things! Here is where to pledge to get one!


    “Now watch me get some head shots of…”

  • CoweringCoward

    With a good high powered scope and a spot on a fooftop, might be fun… UNTIL…