Kodak to Increase Price of Films by 15%

Kodak’s film business just can’t seem to catch a break. One week the company announced the death of its entire slide film lineup, Kodak announced today that it is increasing the price of all the surviving films by 15%, stating,

We have to contend with further increases in energy and raw material costs, and higher costs associated with lower volumes.

Therefore, to remain a sustainable, viable business, the company is implementing a price increase for consumer and professional films.

(via Amateur Photographer via Photo Rumors)

Image credit: film by ka_tate

  • Samcornwell

    It’s better than discontinuing lines. I’d happily pay more than 15%. They should research their market a little more.

  • Jesse

    Hmmm. I have to admit, higher prices means I’ll be buying less film, or I’ll be searching eBay for expired film deals.

  • John Reinert Nash
  • Ralph Hightower

    That’s a bummer, but if it means the survival of Kodak films …

    I need to buy some rolls of their slide film and put it on ice. I want to try their Portra film. I put Ektar on ice prior to New Year’s Day.

    I have a few rolls of each of their B&W films in the beer fridge; I also need to stock up on more B&W film. The year of 2012 is the year that I shoot exclusively in B&W. I’ll probably have to replenish my ISO 3200 film since I’ll probably use 2 rolls of 36 exposure film for a TSO concert; I’ve been saving 3200 for special occasions. I’ll use another roll or two for a Blue Man concert.

  • GustaffPhoto

    So be it, long live film

  • Michael

    Totally fine with me
    Long as it doesn’t die out.

  • donuts222

    If that’s what it takes to keep Kodak film around, i will gladly pay it!

  • Boby

    i agree with most that if that what intakes to keep film alive, but also it might make people buy less film in the long run. Kodak should look at its competitors and learn from them, like fuji. kodak continues to take the wrong road, its time they fire those idoits that have made disastrous decision   since the begging of digital.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    What people has to keep in mind is that the cost of silver has been rising, but not the cost of film. So the cost of film HAS to go up for it to be viable.

  • 8fps

    Love it. It will become an exclusive hobby finally.

  • matsography

    film users to switch to fujifilm…

  • cmcintosh620

    Ugh you’ve totally got us by the balls, kodak.

  • cmcintosh620

    Ugh you’ve totally got us by the balls, kodak.

  • Just Visiting

    Congratulation Fujifilm… err, do you still sell film?

  • OSAM

    Could be worse: we could have last year’s prices for silver…

  • Janez

    Fuji is in my opinon now the hottest camera business. Film and digital wise

  • jp

    I would be totally happy if they would bring back Kodachrome ll. But I am more interested in Kodak continuing with their B&W film. I would gladly pay more to keep TX and TMax 100 alive. 

  • Richard Ford

    Ditto.  It is still good value for a quality product that helps us make quality output.  Not everything needs to be a race to the bottom.

  • Sam Carrot

    Great. I can’t stand it when they increase prices, if anything they should be coming down