Free iPad App with Lighting Recipes by Scott Kelby

Photoshop guru Scott Kelby has released a free iPad app that teaches the lighting techniques he used for various photographs in his portfolio.

The newly released Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes is a free iPad app that walks you through twenty shots in thirteen different lessons. With an approximately 45 minute runtime, each lesson has a gear guide, and lighting diagrams, as well as production shots, and the final image. And yes, there is Kelby’s commentary as well.

Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes (via PopPhoto)

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  • Ralph Hightower

    Want Android App

  • simonhowes

    It’s not free at all, it’s priced at £13.99.

  • Steffen Graumann

    It’s totally free in the Danish iTunes store

  • Mr.New

    It’s free in US.

  • Chris Newhall

    Maybe for the iPad, it’s $20 for the iPhone.

  • Blindman9135

    $19.99 US

  • John Milleker

    You’ll probably never see an Android version of his apps or his Magazine, ‘Light It’. Apple probably paid him a lot of money to be exclusive. 

  • Steffen Graumann

    In the Danish iTunes Store there’s 3 different versions. 2 of the apps are for iPad and iPhone and cost $19.99 each. The last one is free but only for iPad (that’s actually what this post is about – try reading the post title again;·)