Edits Quarterly: An Online Photo Mag with Amazing Web Design

The first issue of Portland-based designer Ian Coyle‘s new online photography magazine, Edits Quarterly, is out. It features short narratives in film and photography, and the first issue is titled “Voyager”. The web design is beautifully minimalistic and is an amazing way to consume images and the stories behind them.

Edits Quarterly (via Coudal and Doobybrain)

  • Andrew E Benson

    Looks great, but with other pubs that don’t provide a notification system (preferably RSS), It’s easy to forget to come back to read subsequent issues. 

  • harumph

    My browser totally choked on that site. The design may be (sort of) minimalistic, but the site itself is bloated enough to freeze up in Firefox.

  • Mantis

    By “Amazing Web Design” do you actually mean “Strange, and difficult to navigate”?

  • Stephen Newport

    No problems here! Simply beautiful page-slide navigation all controled by my scroll wheel!

  • James Bailey

    Thats the first website I’ve come across that actually feels like I’m reading a magazine rather than clicking though something. Love it

  • Coyote Red

    Very nice.  As a (former) sign maker I appreciate minimalism.  The flow is very intuitive and one of the best navigation schemes for a linear website I’ve ever seen.

    Very nice, indeed.

  • cebu web development

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  • Dan

    Mantis, by “amazing” Michael is referring to the fact that the sites design is incredibly novel and reinvents the experience of navigating content (particularly photography) on a page. I’m surprised you found the simple act of scrolling to be “strange and difficult to navigate”. 

  • Scott Davis

    does anyone know who i can talk to to make my site there exact same?