Armless Indonesian Woman Pursues Photography Dream

Rusidah Badawi lost her forearms in a tragic accident 32 years ago at the age of 12. After the amputation, the 44-year-old Indonesian woman was introduced to photography through a vocational rehabilitation centre for the handicapped. She immediately fell in love with it, and began a career working as a wedding and party photographer. Working primarily with film photography up until 2010, she switched over to digital when Canon sponsored her endeavors by gifting her with a digital Canon 550D DSLR and a Speedlite flash.

Her husband Suradi hopes that his wife’s determination will inspire other people with disabilities not to give up on their dreams:

I hope my wife’s activities are an example and give motivation to others, who have the same condition as her, to not be pessimistic. We know that she has advantages and disadvantages, she can do what normal people do even though she does not have arms like able-bodied people

Here’s a slightly longer news report on Badawi’s story:

(via IBTimes via ISO 1200)

  • John Milleker

    Wow, bravo for her. And nice shots too!

  • Richard

    I’m with John, bravo to her.

  • David

    My reasons for not shooting more just got 1000% more lame.

  • Himeyax

    Very inspirational!

  • Irwanismail79

     Very inspirational indeed!

  • Digital Dave

    It certainly puts me complaining about losing my lens cap in perspective.

    A lesson to all who say they ‘can’t’. Well compare, and know that you ‘can’.

  • tron

    Such an awesome story, too bad she ditched the Pentax 35mm for a Canon dslr :)

  • Roger Harman

    What a lovely story… I wish her all the very best!

  • Jorge Elías Correa

    big spenders, canon philanthropists.

  • Zathara

    I will say thanks God for show me this passion and never i will give up to my passion for photography