Chimping: A Short Documentary Film About Photojournalists

Here’s an interesting 20-minute-long documentary film titled Chimping in which Dan Perez de la Garza speaks to various photojournalists about their work and the state of their profession. Subjects include two Pulitzer Prize winners and an Emmy Award winner.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Igogosh

    Once the papers run out of great quality stuff, they will hire a pro to do the job. Until then do some other type of photography or work, the world is changing we should too!

  • D Perez

    Sadly, one of the subjects of this film, Paula Lerner, passed away on Monday.  She will be greatly missed by all of us who knew and worked with her.

  • will hall

    Funny that they should criticize chimping, I’m pretty sure i saw them all do it at some point in the film.

  • Just Visiting

    I do chimp. Who else don’t? Oh, film user, of course.