Instagram Portraits of the Yankees Shot Inside a Bathroom-Turned-Studio

When commercial sports photographer Nick Laham arrived at photo day during the New York Yankees’ spring training last Monday, he had to compete with a legion of photographers for space and time. He ended up occupying one of the bathrooms in the facility, turning it into a makeshift studio. After capturing the photos he needed with his “actual” camera, he decided to pull out his iPhone and capture some Instagram portraits as well. The resulting images can be seen on Laham’s blog, and are available for licensing over at Getty.

Here’s a few behind-the-scenes glimpses of what Laham tried to make do with, captured by AP photographer Matt Slocum (see them on MSNBC and Capsy):

The Yankees, Instagram and the locker room facilities (via Fstoppers)

  • Edward De la Torre

    Pretty shitty photos of extraordinary individuals. If you ever wondered how to make great people look pedestrian, there you go.

  • Ligaya

    Yeah too bad he couldn’t live up to this standard right? TROLOLOLOL

  • Gavin Stokes

    Whats your point Edward De la Torres’,  work has no bearing on the quality of these shots. They are OK take a look 
    NickLahams’ site and and then tell me those instagram shots anything but average.

  • Buzzn247

    Every1 wants a piece of the pie or should I say Apple…good shots!

  • edlt

    Because they’re full of hype. People are ready to jump on the story because it’s instagram. I know he’s not a shitty photographer, I’m not an idiot. Having that sort of access to the Yankees is no easy task. It was more a rant on using sing the hype of instagram to create a story. It is a smart move I guess.

  • edlt


  • PR Wiley

    Well, there’s no accounting for taste, is there? I think these images have an interesting retro baseball card feel to them that I like.

  • Mantis

    If it didn’t say “Instagram”, you would have loved these.
    Admit it.

  • edlt

    LOL there may be some truth in that.

  • Blackwidow

    Lol wtf you say that but your work is shit too?? Way to go you spic.

  • Mantis

    Stay classy, PetaPixel comments.

  • Honorableschoolboy

    I don’t know if I should file this article in the old news or bad news column. As for Getty, they will market a picture of out of focus dead fish. They just don’t want anyone else to have it because it is a fish of notoriety.