iOS and Android Give Apps Access to Your Photos Without Permission

The private photographs on your phone might not be as private as you think. Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that iOS has a loophole that allows third-party apps who have access to location information to also access (and copy) your entire photo library without any further notification or warning. A couple days later, Android was also found to have a loophole that’s even worse — any app that can access the Internet can copy photos to a remote server! Both companies have acknowledged the privacy flaws and are currently working on fixes for them. Welcome to the scary world of Internet-connected cameras!

(via The Verge via Engadget)

Image credit: iPhone Camera by Nico Kaiser

  • Jeroen

    How is this a ‘flaw’ or a ‘loophole’? ANY application on Windows, Mac or Linux can do this as well… 

  • Michael Zhang

    Desktop apps don’t ask you for specific permissions when you’re installing or using them. For the iOS issue, apps would ask for access to location data, but would be also given access to your entire photo library when location access is granted to it.