Cute Portraits Imagining a Baby’s Future Profession

Parisian photographer Malo has fun portrait series titled “Un jour, mon enfant tu seras” (One Day You Will Be My Child) that imagines what a baby’s future career might be.

You can find more of these images on Malo’s website under “Series”.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Malo and used with permission

  • Felipe Yang

    I like the eye makeup on the boxing one, the baby even seems to be acting the part by slightly closing his eyelid..

  • Corry Davis

    I think they put transparent eyelid tape on the baby’s eye :))

  • sheckie

    I think they actually punched the baby. 

  • Spider- Man

    no they did, i’m a professional baby puncher and that looks like pro work…

  • Spider- Man

    Anyone else find the baby catholic priest/pope thing ironic LOL

  • Andrew Bowness

    Love the eyes on the doctor, there’s a certain amount of crazy there.

  • Tina

    Wonder where they found the tiny outfits

  • Rocío R.