Canon 5D Mark III Product Shots and Spec List Leak Day Before Launch

We’re less than 24 hours away from the official Canon 5D Mark III unveiling, but official product photos and a detailed spec list of the camera have already been leaked onto the Internet. The photos are consistent with the pictures of the camera in the wild that leaked earlier this week.

Here’s a detailed description of the camera’s features and specs:

Unsurpassed Image Quality
22.3 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensor
DIGIC 5+ Image Processor
ISO 100-25600 (expandable to L:50 H1:51200, H2: 102400)
Full HD Movie (ISO 100-12800 (H:25600))

High Performance Operation
61-point high-density reticular AF (up to 41 crosstype points)
6.0 fps for high continuous shooting
Intelligent viewfinder with approx. 100% coverage
3.2-type, approx. 1.04m dot (3:2 wide) Clear View LCD II
iFCL metering with 63-zone dual-layer sensor
Shutter durability of 150,000 cycles

High End Features
Silent & low vibration modes
Dual card slots (CF & SD)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode
Multiple Exposures
Comparative Playback function
Improved durability & water and dust resistance

Available Colours – Black
Megapixels – 22MP
Sensor Size – 36 x 24mm
ISO/Sensitivity – 100 – 25600
Autofocus Points – 61 points
Lens Mount – Canon
LCD Size – 3.2″
Liveview – Yes
Viewfinder – Optical TTL
Min Shutter Speed – 30 sec
Max Shutter Speed – 1/8000 sec
Continuous Shooting Speed – 6 fps
Self Timer – 10 sec, 2 sec
Metering – Centre-weighted, Spot, Evaluative, Partial
Video Resolution – Full HD 1080
Memory Type – Compact Flash
Connectivity – USB 2, HDMI, Mic Input, Wireless (optional)
Battery – LP-E6
Battery Type – Lithium-ion
Charger – Includes Li-Ion Charger
File Formats – AVI, RAW, H.264, MOV, MPEG-4
Dimensions – 152 x 116 x 76mm
Box Contents – Battery Pack LP-E6, Battery Charger LC-E6, AV Cable AVC-DC400ST, Interface Cable IFC-200U, Eyecup Eg, Wide Strap EWEOS5DMKIII, CR1616 Lithium Battery+

Also, if you’re in the market for a 5D Mark II, you should probably wait a few days to buy one — rumor has it that the price will be dropping by $300 on March 4th.

(via Canon Rumors)

  • Michael

    Nah, I wait for Mark IIII!

  • Matty

    Im really glad Canon didn’t go crazy with the MP’s like Nikon did. 22 is PLENTY! 

  • jonathanjk

    I remember reading 12Megapixels was enough a while back.

  • KillaPenguin

    12MP is enough, which means 22 is plenty by definition. ;)

  • Scott M

    Not a big fan of the On/Off button on the right dial.  But I am still really happy with this!

  • fred

    looks very 7D ish, shutter durabiliti seems insane low

  • Sporkguy


  • Fidoman

    agree, in that case you need to use your second hand to turn it on.. dislike 

  • Caspian Kai

    Shutter durability is always way more. Went to Phillip Bloom workshop here in Melbourne yesterday and he says his 7d shutter has fired 8 million times! (lots of timelapse). And its still working. I think I’ll stick with my 7d for quite some time as there’s no HUGE new video features in the 5dm3 it seems. Full frame someday would be nice but its not essential atm.

  • Through Painted Eyes


  • Samcornwell

    HDR Mode(?) What is this blasphemy!?

  • Mark Chaudhary

    Max sync speed?

  • Patrick Ahles

    Yes, IV. IIII does not exist except on clocks. But I guess Michael meant III… ;)

  • ye_olde_5dmk2

    Good question. I’m tired of 1/160…

  • Dan Rogers

    RAW under file formats? Hmmm… RAW video maybe? If it was photos they’d put JPEG on there…

  • andy russell

    I second that, I’m VERY happy with my 7D and basically just waiting to pick up the 24-70 mark ii… that will be the last lens to complete my range from 16-200mm, all f/2.8 and all mark ii

  • Albertojimenez

    in youtube 5d mk3 oficial video i see 32 megapixels camera..

  • Mike Philippens

    22 is the new 12 ;)
    I think it’s about the same, if not better with the new sensortechnology. I’m still content with the 12MP of my 5D1, but 22MP is fine by me. But – mark my words – in a couple of years we’ll think 50MP is about right too…
    Makes me think back to the days when I had my first DSLR, a Canon 1D MkI with just 4MP…and CCD sensor. I still have a high tolerance for noise ;)

  • John

    No new Frame rates?

  • Gethin Coles

    wheres the innovation?  How long can canon churn out the same old same old without coming up with a single new idea? Someone, sooner or later, is going to release a decent large sensor camera with a smartphone resolution oled display that covers the entire rear of the camera, and make the camera firmware open – ie create a software environment like apple did.  Maybe it’ll be sony. Samsung are well positioned to do it too.  Just needs a tiny bit of imagination.

  • Mark J P

    It does seem low but it’s the same as the 5D MKII.  I think they will typically last much longer but the higher gradings are saved for the higher spec Canons.

  • Mark J P

    I’m quite excited about the new 5D and I’m sure I’ll end up with one at some point in time; at which point my MKII will become my backup  There isn’t any features that make me desperate to get hold of one ASAP, although the 61-point AF and 6 FPS burst mode will certainly be welcome improvements.  

    It would also be great if the MKIII sensor could somehow be less of a dust magnet! ;)

  • SBFW

    I would prefer not to have an OLED screen that covered the entire back of the camera on a high end model.  I would much rather have the dials so I can adjust settings while still looking through the viewfinder.

  • tyler

    I feel the specs are a little underwhelming considering the wait since the last 5D.  I’m still holding out for the 5DX ;)

  • Ollie_savage

    i know right!?

  • Michael

    LOL, my bad –*

  • SBFW

     5D Mk II could do 3.9fps.  5D Mk III is 6fps.

  • SBFW

     Canon should move the APS-H sensor to the 7D and 60D replacements.  Give the enthusiasts that’s guts are significantly different than the entry level and mid-grade cameras (T3i and T3).

  • Rysenc

    60P? 90P? 120P?!

  • is mud

    Funny how the prices for the MRK2 went from 1999$ to 2300$ last week just to come back down a the same price of 1999$ in a couple a days. Sheesh

  • GustaffPhoto

    Some studies point that optimal resolution for Full frame cameras are at around 200 mpx with the bayer filter on

  • broxibear

    Just from the specs that have been leaked so far it doesn’t seem particularly impressive, that makes me think either this spec is wrong or the really interesting stuff hasn’t been leaked. I think that’ll be it’s video capability.

  • Rocmanusa

    Yawn …

  • Will Ablett

    What, no BULB?? 

  • Daniel Yu Suzuki

    I hope it’s something like Apple ProRes. Would make sense if you have two 32GB cards in the camera. Also if they had a clean HDMI 1080p out like the D800. 

    But the best part is 61 FREAKEN AF POINTS! This has to be better than the 7D predictability system. 

  • Erik

    IIII exists, it’s just an older way of writing it.. which as you said is sometimes used on clocks.

  • Guest

    Not to start a Nikon vs Canon thing, but I think the power button really is one thing Nikon does better.

  • Teasastips

    Omg!!! My dream camera!!!

  • HD Cam Team

    Absolutely agree!

    High ISO performance, better Dynamic Range and better Video quality.. That could be achieved with a new generation 22MP sensor and Digic 5+.

    Really glad that Canon didn’t take the old high MP “race”… but a more sensitive and better sensor instead.

    22MP is really good for even very big prints.

    Iit seems the 5D Mark 3 will use LP-E6 so same battery for all Canon 5D Mark 2, 7D & 60D. Very handy!

  • Axel

     you kidding me?

    AVI, RAW, H.264, MOV, MPEG-4 for video is not HUGE video feat ???

    you’ve no idea bro!

  • Daver

    I’m very happy with my 7D but and I can’t wait to buy this camera. Going to keep my 7D as a second body and keep my 70-200 on it. 

  • Gethin Coles

    viewfinder shmoofinder.  I find myself pushing the focus peeking button whilst using the optical viewfinder.  Their days are numbered.  How about a 1080 display that is detachable?  Actually, why not just create a wireless llink through to your smartphone so that you can have any size display you like?  

  • Robert Bromfield

    The 5D Mark III is now available on Amazon for pre-order!
    Body only:

    I just preordered my body.

  • Deaqon James

    I guess if you’re shooting for the web as most photographers these days are doing 12MP is enough. Shooting for print, more will always be better.

    Ever see the difference between a 12MP image and a 40MP image on a billboard?

    My Leica S is 38MP and the images are incredible! :D 

  • Zak Iloveu

    I bought this Beast… And trust me It’s awesome :)