Street Photography on the Sidewalks of Hong Kong by Eric Kim and Kai Wong

Street photographer Eric Kim and DigitalRev host Kai Wong recently got together to do some street photography on the streets of Hong Kong. Kim and Wong have personalities that go well together (and look like brothers), making for some pretty humorous photographic entertainment.

  • Vincent

    Can someone please put a stop to the ‘phenomenon’ Eric Kim is? This is disturbing, not to mention annoying.

  • Through Painted Eyes

    You know, if they were decent people they would have called the police ahead of time to give them a heads up, and put up fliers for all the surrounding businesses and houses to let them know they were shooting. What rude people for being so careless. 

  • Melo

    When is the part where they take a good photo?

  • wickerprints

    Wow this Eric Kim guy is obnoxious.  He babbles incessantly and comes across as pompous, disingenuous, socially inept, and PUSHY.  Kai Wong is NOTHING like him.

  • 8fps

    Eric Kim is a miserable copy-cat

  • Vincent

    That part is about 17 years away…

  • OSAM

    Does nobody else finds Kai insufferable?

  • Joseph Mietus

    I think it was the rape joke at 1:23 that did it for me.

  • ChristianRudman

    So much hate on this blog.

    Spend so much time talking about other people’s photos you dislike that you don’t have time to take any yourself.

    I personally like some of the photos I was seeing on here, given I have no sound right now so I don’t have to hear Kai whine through the speakers, but it still was a visually interesting video.

    Maybe I’m alone in this, but you haters all reak of hypocrisy.

    Except for Painted eyes. That was hilarious.

  • OSAM

    You’re alone in this.

    I dont hate on their work: their personalities and video presence are grating.

  • 8fps


  • atomic

    Fair enough.  Then you’re a hypocrite for complaining about the other commentators and saying they “reak [sic] of hypocrisy.”  If we’re hypocrites for criticizing Eric Kim (and/or Kai) then you’re just as much a hypocrite for criticizing us.

    Seems like you really enjoy using PP as a platform for displaying your superiority complex.  It would be amusing if it weren’t so tediously transparent.

    It’s turtles all the way down.

  • ChristianRudman


  • Steve

    I like Eric Kim’s blog.  It takes a lot of courage to do street photography, as I have found out in my few disastrous attempts.  I can understand to a certain extent why some people don’t like him but the comments seem a bit extreme at times.  Kai Wong has made a few interesting videos but I get the feeling he really wants to be a comedian more than a photographer.  It would be nice to have more about photography and less innuendo but that’s his choice.  I still enjoy some of his videos.

    There’s too much trying to be funny in this video for my liking but I still quite enjoyed it.  We all have different tastes and nobody makes us watch what we don’t want to, I hope:)

  • Michael

    This is like watching Nerds Gone Wild!

  • Michael

    Overall liked the video and the pictures, it’s good to see Eric Kim collaborating with others like Kai and Mijonju show. 

  • wickerprints

    The difference is that in almost everything I’ve seen or read about Eric Kim, I get the persistent sense that he’s boasting, whereas for all of Kai’s antics (some funny, some not), he comes across as someone who is willing to poke fun at himself for the sake of entertainment.  Eric is much more confrontational, and he imagines himself to be much more socially capable than he actually is.  For instance, he is quite fond of talking about how he received his degree in sociology from UCLA, and how that informs his approach to street photography.  And yet he acts like a complete dork.  News flash, Eric:  just because people don’t punch or shout at you in anger, and just because they smile and play along, doesn’t mean you’re not irritating the F*** out of them.

  • Michael

    Honestly I did get annoyed from his boasting but overall I am getting used to it, what I mean is that everyone has a different personality and to me Eric is just being Eric.  Aside from that I think he has done himself good with his blog and creating a following with his workshop.  Not many people can achieve what Eric has achieved and I give him respect for that.   

  • Carp

    This is the first DigitalRev video I have seen and it didn’t really bother me that much, but here is the question; what are they going to do with those photos? If they wanted to profit from any of them, don’t they need a model release? Does showing them in an internet vlog constitute fair use? Did they turn off the video camera and chase everybody down again and get them to sign a release?

  • Melo

    You don’t need a release in public spaces.

  • Gavin Stokes

    Found Eric so annoying I had to stop watching, I would thump the twat if he approached me in that manner on the street.

  • Kel

    Oh my! What a lot of awful people on here! Why the hell did you bother watching it if you don’t like them??

  • TangoCan

    I used to really enjoy Eric Kim’s work until I saw his method and manner. Interesting how perception of art can change like that. 

  • Nate Robert

    Eric Kim is rad. 

  • Thomas

    You do not need a release in most countries unless the image will be used in advertising.  If you needed a release, there would be no National Geo, Magnum Photos, or pretty much any newspaper photo describing something.  Fair Use is totally different.  It is the use of SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK to illustrate something…perhaps criticism of that person’s work or satire.

  • Fuckyou3445

    mijonju or however his name is a fucking gayboy. His pictures look pretty boring.
    eric kim? who the fuck is he?1000 better streetphotographers out there.he just talks about shit and leica.his pictures are shit,its just his gayboy behaviour that makes him famous.

  • Chaz_smith


  • LokiDane

    Eric is just bad at being polite and knowing when to let it go.

    But if he’s making a name for himself being the Gordon Ramsey of street tog then good luck. Just hope nobody actually takes his advise coz they’re gonna get kicked in the nuts acting like that.

  • Duke Shin

    I think Eric is confusing “Street Photography” with “Paparazzi Photography” except he doesn’t do it to famous people.

  • Steve

    Eric has the biggest balls in the world. Annoying or not.