Nokia Unleashes a Game-Changing 41-Megapixel “PureView” Camera Phone

Nokia dropped a bomb on the cameraphone market today by introducing its new 808 PureView phone — a phone that is capable of capturing 41-megapixel photos. The native resolution of the phone (16:9) produces 38-megapixel images measuring 7152×5368. The phone also allows you to capture 5-megapixel images by condensing every seven pixels into one, which dramatically reduces noise and improves image quality. Other features include a 4-inch screen, 16GB of built-in storage, a Carl Zeiss f/2.4 lens, lossless digital zoom (i.e. cropping a photo out of the giant image), and HD video recording. It’ll hit store shelves in May at a price of €450 (~$600).

Here’s a short video teasing the phone:

AllThingsD has published an interesting piece on the phone’s technology (5 years in the making) and how it came about.

  • Bob

    I’m going to sell my Phase One, since it has only 40.

  • Mantis

    But how large is the sensor that all of those pixels will be crammed onto?

  • Guest

    So you think smartphones shouldn’t have 40 megapixels?

  • Vladimir Byazrov

    I only have 1ds mark 2, so I definitely three times behind the mobile people.

  • Guest

    Neither Nokia nor anybody else said that Megapixels equal image quality.

  • Brunomra

    At 0:25 – it displays 8Mp, 5Mp and 2Mp. Is it just the size os the cropped file? #wierd

  • Bob

    No 4K-RAW Video?? That’s really lame!

    But seriously: what percentage of the target group really needs that?!

  • rohicks

    1.5″ CMOS sensor.

  • mrbeard

    i really wish the Nikon D800 could make calls and have the ability to text on the rear view screen, its obsolete already

  • Juan

    It’s because the final image is not really a 41M pixel I think

  • M. Federico

    The Nokia 808 has 1/1.2″ anyway.

  • Smartass

    phone for dumb people who go for more megapixels.

  • Kyoshinikon

    Put that pixel density in a Phase 1 and you’ll get at least a gigipixel out of it…

  • rohicks

    It is. The sensor is 41MP.
    What I gather is it shoots at like 8MP (or whatever their setting is), but the camera over samples so it’s actually putting like 8 pixels together for each pixel on screen. This creates virtually no noise and retains incredible sharpness of the images.Watch this video for more info.

  • tightsandtea

    I have an old phone with 5 MP (the casio exilim one). I was lured by the design, but the camera’s worse than one of those VGA phones. this one looks promising, but $600 can get you a cheap DSLR kit

  • Mark J P

    Obviously the 40 megapixel talk is a bit of a gimmick; I can’t imagine too many users ditching their medium format cameras for a Nokia 808.  With that being said I think this is genuinely quite exciting.  Looking at the teaser video it seems like they are giving users a great deal more control of the shots they take with the Nokia 808 (ISO, exposure compensation etc.) which is always a welcome, especially compared to the native iPhone camera app for example.  

    I don’t always have my DSLR on me, so as a backup I’d like to have the best quality mobile phone camera possible because I almost always have my phone with me.  I take a surprising number of photos with my iPhone 4S and I’m really glad to have it; the camera is pretty good but it could still be better, so I think anything that goes someway toward improving mobile phone camera quality can only be a good thing in the long run.


    better than the iphones camera.

  • Markus WET

    So, all in all it’s just a crappy marketing strategy to sell the phone to some idiots who still think that MPs are a camera’s most important aspect … I’ll stick to my Samsung wave with it’s crappy camera and my D7000. ^^

  • Aaro Keipi

     Phone ≠ DSLR. They have completely different uses; I don’t understand why you would compare the two.

  • Kyoshinikon

    It is for suckers who suck so they need to crop…   Do you think the zeiss lens can resolve at that pixel density?

  • Daniel Yu Suzuki

    What would happen if you did that on a Phase One 40MP back?

  • Spencer Walker

    Its resolution is disgusting but it does have binning to resolve it… id never switch out of the 5mp mode…

  • Stefano

    I think anyone with 4/3 of a brain (camera humor) knows that megapixels don’t directly equate to image quality. As many people have pointed out, pixel size and lens optics are also a huge part of the picture (haha, more puns). What people need to understand is that by having this many megapixels, the magical “sorcery algorithms” CAN create a better quality image than other camera phones on the market. That is the significant breakthrough that people should be excited about. Think about it like this: if you wanted to have accurate results from surveying a group of people, you should survey as many people as you can. The more data points, the better your results will be. This is the exact same thing that is going on with this sensor. The sensor is gathering a TON of data (compared to current camera phone sensors), and then using all of this data to “average out” it’s results, and give a better quality image. (Things like reducing noise, sharpening through interpolation, etc.) Nokia isn’t claiming this to be a replacement to DSLR’s, Medium-Format cameras, or anything else. But what Nokia is saying is, “Hey, check this out. When we are all said and done, our 3, 5, and 8 megapixel images blow everything else on the camera phone market out of the water.” That is what is pushing everything forward, and that is why people should be excited.

  • Gcon

    “Game-Changing” is a such a wanker term, and pixels ain’t pixels. More like “PureGarbage”.

  • Chris Lyn

    If you are stuck with the same lens, all the megapixels in the world won’t mean jack.
    I’ll stick to my DSLR and variety of lenses.

  • Min

    does it shoot raw?

  • tightsandtea

    just stating a fact, I don’t understand why you jump to conclusions.

  • jdm8

    Why should they?  I don’t think the technology is ready yet for a 40mpx phone and do it well.  Do you honestly think that a Zeiss lens about 1/8″ diameter can resolve that finely?

  • Ameenapiit

    Like it or not the Finnish guys have again gone miles ahead of their competition in the mobile phone imaging department.
    Had this been another announcement from apple,mixed with words like “revolutionary”, “magical” and “the best thing we’ve ever done” every photog would’ve been trying their best to explain why it is ideal to have a 41mgpxl Icrap.

  • Janne Sinkkonen

    41Mp (1.4µm/pixel) is beyond the diffraction limit even at f/2.4, and resolution-wise you’d only get 10-20Mp from this sensor. But the larger pixel count may make things like Bayer interpolation, zooming (in a sense) and autofocus (maybe) easier. And there may not be need for an antialiasing filter. And of course it’s useful for marketing. :)

  • Rgesualdo

    is ok people embrace the advances in technology, truly is not gonna change any game, nobody will show up to a paid shoot with one of this, that you will get good results yes you will, we have seen shoots done with less, so it will be a cool gadget to have instead of carrying bulky equipment for daily on the moment shoot

  • fredphoesh

    Sorry, this is a complete wank! Everyone knows megapixels like that are completely wasted on the highly limited lens and the tiny sensor… Simply a brute number for someone with a small weiner.

  • Sami_memon

    meray pass koi mobile nehy hay koi bhee call na karay 


  • Daniel Gormly

    Bigg apple fan but I’ll admit that couldn’t be more correct.

  • bardi

     you mean the P45+…
    good point…….

  • Mr. Youssef Sami

    no buddy the iphone will always be the best dude

  • Drew Collins

    What was more attention grabbing for me was the ability to control ISO and I assume other controls that other phones usually don’t have.

  • Dongdongweng

    Iphone cam sucks…i had n8 and now i have 4s…the the iphone smokes n8 in general but n8 burries the iphone 4s 6 feet under when it comes to camera…

  • Dongdongweng

    Yeah like you have that thing strapped around your neck all the time and that other thing in your pocket….

  • Dongdongweng

    I wonder, combine this pureview thing with the same 40mp xmor back illiminated sensor….dhang

  • Bill Moffitt

    The larger megapixel feature is great, but can you adjust the exposure any better than other phones now on the market? If your pictures are dark or washed out any advantage to having more pixels is pretty well useless. Also, this is way more power than necessary for typical posting to the web. Then you’re using up storage space for what amounts to a simple snap shot. Without manual metering/override, it won’t work for serious photography. It will be interesting to watch it evolve and see what market it appeals to.