Guy Photoshops Celebs Into His Annual Holiday Party Photos

Every year, graphic designer Everett Hiller and his wife throw a party during the holiday season. Afterwards, Hiller Photoshops the photographs captured at the gathering before sending them out to friends and family. He doesn’t just fix white balance and removed red eye, but instead sneakily Photoshops various celebrities into the shots. Hiller finds source images of celebrities by doing a search on Google Images for the name — ranging from presidents to movie stars — and uses certain keywords (e.g. “dinner” or “I met”) to find candid/amateur shots. Photoshopping the celebs into the photos takes about 45 minutes to do.

Here’s a brief explanation of his technique:

I start by finding photos that at least match the basic lighting conditions such as a flash used and general picture quality. Then I mask out the layer to my liking. Then I use the Replace Color tool under Adjust Image to match the color. I try to match the highlight tone and the shadow tones. If I absolutely need to then I will use the match color tool, but I don’t usually have much luck with it.

You can find more of these images over in this online album.

Holiday Party 2011 (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Everett Hiller and used with permission

  • Andreas Koeberl

    Who wants to see this crap?

  • Andrew Bowness

    That’s fun, and the first one is pretty good, at first glance I thought it was a picture of Barack Obama with people photobombing in the background.

  • Senen L

    He’s pretty good! It’s generally pretty hard to match photos like that 

  • Eivind Hansen

    I do!

  • ChristianRudman

     Everyone but you. Go troll another blog.

  • Spider- Man


  • Kyoshinikon

    Funny, the 3rd one down should have had a more blurred face (If you want to get technical :P)

  • Wayoffpiste

    Its fun, and actually good technique to get them to blend well into a P&S pic.  It is something unique too, unlike your profile pic.

  • Jeff Peterson

    That’s a really cool idea.  I’ll bet his family enjoys getting Christmas photos from him every year.

  • Eric Durr

    haha, pretty funny. 

  • atexanfan

    I do also ….

  • Danl

    I wonder if he’s paying the licensing fees to the photographers who took the celebrity pics?  

  • Mantis

    Why would he need to do that?

    These are for his own personal & fun use.  He’s not selling them or making money off them.

  • Buggle

    I just went to your site,, and saw nothing but one cliched and uninspiring image after another.

  • Rami Nano

    Stealing is stealing even if one does it only for oneself. He uses copyrighted pictures.

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

     In the USA, we have a ‘fair use doctrine’ that applies.

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

     In the USA, we have a ‘fair use doctrine’ that applies.

  • Mantis

    You have no idea what you’re talking about Rami.

  • tightsandtea

    lol I wonder if he wanders around and tell his friends to pose awkwardly, like “hey you! pretend like you’re hugging someone!”
    or does he mostly replace heads?

  • JulieQ

    Please. This is BAD photoshop. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s arm is impossibly long. Beckham angle doesn’t match the girls position. If anyone is going to post things like this, at least make sure they are well done. 

  • MikeAlgar42

    They’re not ‘bad’, just if you know they’re photoshopped you know what to look for. 

  • Dave

     People that click on a story titled: “Guy Photoshops Celebs Into His Annual Holiday Parties”…you know,… you did.

  • Dave

     That doesn’t mean a thing. Copyright law does not require that you sell an image to ask permission to use it. This IS copyright infringement.

  • Aaro Keipi

     Yeah, I’m sure he’s contacted the casual photographers of these mostly-candid pictures of celebrities to see if he can use the pictures in his personal facebook albums. You really have to be realistic here.

  • Jason

     Sorry, I thought they were a bit of fun for his friends and family, not an art gallery.

  • kidbulate

    harsh! haha.

  • Aaro Keipi

     These are actually pretty convincing at first glance. As someone who’s performed a lot of photoshop mashups, I’m impressed by his skills.

    Also, you do realize he made these pictures for Facebook, not for a magazine cover…

  • JulieQ

    Oh so now we justify bad things with “is not meant for work”? Yay mediocrity. 

  • Andreas Koeberl

    my pictures and the quality of them has nothing to do with my disliking of (another) boring set of images, so could you argue on another level?

  • ChristianRudman

    Dannnggg, I thought that was harsh too, but then I double checked and Buggle was right.

  • ChristianRudman

    Quality policing. Nice.

    It truly is repulsive he did not spend more time making joke pictures look like they are really real.

    Hell, half the fun of looking is noticing the things that don’t really work. Perfect isn’t always right or proper.

  • ZD

    I’ve wanted to do this!  Very good photoshopping.

  • Andreas Koeberl

    and again, what does this have to do with my comment?
    i take pictures for fun, i don’t claim to be good/better or whatever than anyone else. i just said these pictures are crap and that’s what i think. and i probably couldn’t do it better but that doesn’t mean they’re not really bad. if you do a photoshop job like this, it better be done well. the pictures in the post aren’t and that’s all i said in my comment. so maybe you kids should start discussing about content and not on a personal level :)

  • Brian

    omg! I can’t believe the stuck up snobby comments by Andreas and Rami! Seriously gents, get your heads out of your proverbial a$$es.  Who cares if the photos aren’t ‘professionally’ photoshopped or taken from other websites??!?!  These photos are clearly an attempt at humour….something that people seem to forget in today’s society. Instead, everyone is a critic first.  From what it looks like, he’s not trying to make a living off of these adaptions either.  If he was, then that’s a different story and permission needs to be acquired.

    Can’t people just have FUN these days :)

  • Dave Polak

    I guess I don’t know enough celebrities. I couldn’t pick them from over half the photos. 

  • Brandon McWilliams

    Seriously folks, lighten up. 
    No, they’re not the most amazing photoshopping jobs we’ve ever seen. 
    No, they’re not breathtaking, life-altering, awe-inspiring images. Not every photo needs to be.
    They’re clever and amusing. It’s more than can be said for a lot of photographs these days, especially ones taken by people who think they know what “good” photography is.Stop trying to stifle creativity by bashing everything that doesn’t meet your arbitrary standards, and don’t be such snobs. In case you haven’t noticed, it makes you look like an a***ole.

  • Gary

    He raised himself above yours…why would he want to come back down? Grow up.

  • Mantis

    That Troll got Trolled, and hard!

  • Mantis
  • Mantis

    Waaay to many tightly wound snobish killjoys on this site.

  • Trey Mortensen

    Thank You! My roommate and I laughed pretty hard at some of them (mostly the Tom Cruise ones…) which is what the album was meant for. People are looking way too much into this.  The snobby comments are just as bad as the post about how to make your kit lens better by painting a red stripe on it.  Laughter is good for the soul

  • Phil Brown

    Ive been doing this type of thing for a few years now for a bunch of families that go away each year. I produce a team photo by photoshoping together all the people who stay at least one night as part of a calendar I do. I started adding in random completely out of context celebrities and sports people into the team photo. I wish I could do as well as this. Great fun!

  • Scott Adam Zanarky

    Nice! I can’t figure out though whether it’s Brad Pitt or an actual party-goer in the last photo on the far left?

    The Tom Cruise one is the best. The pose and facial expression match perfectly!

  • Kimberly Siebert

    uh, he’s not trying to win any contests, it’s all in fun. Jesus where is this high horse so many people find themselves on these days. Fuk, I only WISHED I could be as PERFECT as some of you PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS… Ever heard of the word fun?  You do own a dictionary, right?  You know what a ‘book’ is? Well, it’s that thing with paper in it, has words on those pieces of paper, and those papers have these things on them called words, and when those words are put together appropriately, they form something called definitions.  Yeah, a tad bit of culture shock.

  • ChristianRudman

     To quote myself, seeing as though you fail to grasp the hilariousness of your own utter a**hole comments:

    It truly is repulsive he did not spend more time making joke pictures look like they are really real.

    Hell, half the fun of looking is noticing the things that don’t really work. Perfect isn’t always right or proper.

  • ChristianRudman

     That’s the Pitt.

  • Wil Fry

    I guess I missed a couple of them too. Who’s the celeb in image #2?

  • ChristianRudman

     David Beckham. Posh Spice’s husband (her name is Victoria Beckham) and soccer star. Don’t ask me how I know these things, frankly it’s embarrassing that I do. :P

  • Pauldclarke

    1. You gave an opinion.
    2. they disagreed.
    3. they acted like idiots.

     I agreed with you, I didn’t enjoy this post. also your photography is amazing.

  • Dave