How to Shoot Sound Painting Photos with Paint and a Speaker

Last week we featured some “sound painting” photographs by Martin Klimas, captured by using a speaker to vibrate paint. Here’s a video tutorial by some Arizona State University Polytechnic students demonstrating how you can do your own “sound painting” photos. They use a thrift store speaker covered with a garbage bag and some Crayola poster paint.

(via ISO 1200)

  • pillowfight

    ‘Tis cool, but…at least a dozen expensive items your average joe photographer doesn’t have…

  • Sonia Thomes

    Wow! Looks awesome …………perfect color combinations

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  • Donald Duck

    scary that all the people are so fat (like 2/3 of the americans)

  • Simon Ouellet

    How exactly do they wrap the speaker with garbage bag ? And what kind of sound do they run through the speaker ?

  • RioRyan

    I’d run a sine wave at about 150hz but best to experiment with different frequencies

  • Chad Westover

    @google-7b54ca384045e1310937796517701d0d:disqus : We pulled the speaker out of the enclosure, cut a circle of plastic out of the garbage bag, then gaff taped it all around the edges of the speaker to make a seal and then put the speaker back in the enclosure.
    We played “Dubstep Tutorial” by Dubba Jonny ( and hit play at the point where there is a pause before the drop. :)

  • Chad Westover

    The fancy gear is nice but you’d be surprised what you can do with speedlights too. I’ll do another one of these videos…  :)

  • Simon Ouellet

    Great info, thanks ! :)

  • Mers Pro

    thx for the idea…
    I tried this stuf, but not using a speaker as a media… too xspensive for me…
    I use toy drum. its almost perfect.

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  • JJ Matt.

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