Beautiful Time-Lapse of the Milky Way, Auroras, and Shooting Stars

Time-lapse photographer Randy Halverson (whose time-lapse of lightning storms we featured last year) is back again with another epic time-lapse film. This one is packed with shots of some of the most beautiful things you can point your camera at in the night sky: the Milky Way, auroras, and shooting stars. It’s composed of thousands of 15-30 second exposures captured with a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 60D at ISO 1600-6400, f/2.8, and 3 second intervals. Keep your eyes peeled at 53 seconds: you get to see a shooting star with a Persistent Train, which is the ionized gas left behind as the meteor burns up in our atmosphere!

  • Findpaddy

    f2.8? for stars, and landscapes? 

  • Don

     Findpaddy, I’m not to much it to photography but I think this is what he ment with f2.8. Glad I checked it out now I know a little more on it myself.


  • John Walker

    f16 plus for landscapes,star’s or lightning f8-f16 but I’d say depends on if your shooting film or digital and battery life ?