CineSquid: A Suction Cup Tripod System Fit for Spiderman

Last year MIT grad Justin Jensen raised nearly half a million bucks through Kickstarter to launch CineSkates, a camera slider system that adds wheels to GorillaPod Focus tripods. Now Jensen and his startup Cinetics are back again with a new product called CineSquid, which provides a strong suction cup mount system rather than wheels. This allows cameras to be mounted onto things like cars, boats, and even airplanes.

Here’s a quick introduction to how CineSquid works:

You can pick up a set with tripod included from the Cinetics website for $235, or the suction cup mounts only for $120 if you already purchased CineSkates.

CineSquid [Cinetics]

  • lloyd

    This is far to scary

  • Oobagaw

    Cool but no thanks :)

  • Steve-o

    is it me or did they invent this:

    and called it their own, gorilla pod with hugely strong rare earth magnets, suction cups.. rubber legs and even metal spikes..

    it could be me.. but this post sucks..

  • redundant

    it could be you?

  • the_agv

    This is great.  I have some cineskates and they come in handy more times than not when shooting dslr video.  I don’t need to shell the cash out on a product to shoot video for fun so why not get something like this.  I look forward to picking up the accessory to pair with my existing system.

  • Jennifer Rogers

    Although it looks like a science fiction creature, the design is definitely flexible and ingenious. The suction cup is a low tech feature that has never become obsolete.

    Jenn /