Flickr About to Receive Major Makeover

Flickr is reportedly set to push out a number of major design updates across the photo-sharing service’s website. Adrianne Jeffries of Betabeat recently met up with Flickr senior product manager Markus Spiering, who gave her a sneak peek at a number of extensive changes to the interface that will be rolling out at the end this month.

He then opened a new tab to show the spread, completely revamped. Suddenly the photos look more than four times their current size and lie neatly justified on the page, somehow jigsawing together without cropping or changing the order in which they appear.

The new photo view will hit on Feb. 28, Mr. Spiering said, and with it comes a new upload interface. Flickr’s uploading page now looks more like an app than a website. Goodbye, retro blue links. Hello, swoopy drag-and-drop.

Sounds a whole lot like Google+ photo sharing, huh? Betabeat reports coming away from the meeting “with the impression that Yahoo is not sleeping on Flickr” — great news for the faithful members of the service.

Flickr Is Getting a Major Makeover (via Thomas Hawk)

  • Anonymous

    Looks more like the iPad version of Flipboard, which is actually my favorite way to browse Flickr. 

  • Allison B.

    Yeah its already like that for all the contacts’ pics, I hope it changes for the Photostream pages too! 

  • Richard

    This is welcome news, it’s about time yahoo got a clue. Thanks for the post.

  • Lalobamfw

    Are they going to replace Picnik with something better?

  • Guest

    just like pinterest and tumblr? my old-a** computer is having a hard time loading those types of sites..

  • Skinnerphotographs

    it’s about time… hopefully the IQ will be better too. I love for that reason but prefer some of the street photography groups I partake in on Flickr.

  • Mr. T in DC

    Great news, looking forward to it!

  • DarrellChitwood

    I love Flickr, I hope its a good change

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    They’ll have to, Google is closing Picnik.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Cue the “we hate the new Flickr UI and will leave the site if they don’t change it back!” rants… :P

  • Ronaldf

    Now that is interesting but I need to get back to Flickr when I get past a few time hurdles here.

  • Flgraphics

    it’s way overdue for a better look and interface. As long as it’s for the better.

  • Gabriel Bousquet

    To little to late for me. Already moved to Google+, and seem as how this new layout is an EXACT rip-off of Google+, I’ll just stick with that. 

  • Ben Goff

    I just hope they don’t start down the path that Facebook is on, constantly changing things that aren’t broken, to the point that today’s product barely resembles what I signed up for 7 years ago. 

  • Wyshniukas

    500px introduced something similar already…few dayd back.

  • Daniel

    Well shit, I’m seeing one change already: Advertisements on the upload screen, even though I’m a pro member.  Huge WTF.