Creative Ideas for Playing with Custom Bokeh Shapes

For Valentine’s Day this year, Samsung created this short film that features custom bokeh shapes shot with Samsung NX gear. They come up with some pretty creative ideas for various shapes: pop a balloon filled with glitter to create a firework look, or shoot out of a car window at night to capture spaceships flying through space! If you’re interested in learning how to customize your own bokeh, check out this video tutorial or the tutorial Samsung published alongside this video.


  • Anonymous

    That’s actually pretty cool. I thought it was gonna be lame.

  • wickerprints

    What saves this technique from being cheesy here is the way it was done in video (rather than as stills), and the way they used it to complement the subject matter, instead of just doing it for its own sake.  It all works together.  Something to think about if you want to try this out for yourself.

  • Frank Powell

    Use to do this back in the 1970’s with our wedding photography! It’s new again.
    Your right, it great used in video.

  • Anonymous

    can someone explain how did they changed the lights into the car pics? time to time i like to use footages of “bokehed” car lights, it creates eerie atmosphere, but this change was really funny and creating totally opposite funny feeling than what you would expect from a night shot ..

  • Anonymous

     Watch the video again and figure it out. It’s pretty obvious how they do all of these shots.

  • chapsford

    i know i just fell in love with the beautiful blonde lady in the bottom right. sorry i know its not the place, i mean, great vid, but it just happened.

  • Lambert Schlumpf

     ha ha, me too :)
    she reminds me of Juliette Binoche

  • Noeman

    Love the way u have created the bokehz ! Very Inspiring ;)