Make a Portable Tabletop Studio Using a Collapsible Hamper

Want to shoot professional-looking shots of smaller objects. You can build your own tabletop studio using a collapsible clothes hamper, a white plastic sheet (e.g. a table cover), and a sheet of white posterboard. Stick the posterboard inside the hamper for your infinite white backdrop, and then use the plastic sheets on the sides to diffuse your light. Total cost? Less than 10 bucks!

Build a Collapsible DIY Macro Studio With Popup Laundry-Bag [DYIP]

  • Gc

    Or buy a light tent for $20 on eBay

  • Anonymous

    Alternatively you could buy yourself a pop up light tent which seem to be selling on ebay for around the same price.  Much less hassle surely?

  • lloyd

    Another good alternative are light tents, if you check ebay you could pick one up for quite cheep!

  • Sean Murphy

    but how much fun is that guys?

  • Darren Ward79

    Canadians EH!! 

  • Benicio Murray

    so, light tents eh?


  • Wil Fry

    Even cheaper: just buy the posterboard ($2 or so). The flash will diffuse itself if bounced off a white surface such as a ceiling or wall, or hang a piece of white tissue paper in front of your flash.

  • 9inchnail

    I shot a product photo for eBay using only a white sheet of paper and natural light coming through a nearby window. Can you go any cheaper than that? I dare you.

  • Felicia V. Gaddis

    Yes, but you won’t get the infinite white background.