Basketball Fan’s Secret Weapon is a Giant Photo of His Own Face

An Alabama basketball fan named Jack Blankenship has been attracting quite a bit of media attention for his creative method of distracting opposing players when they shoot free throws: Blankenship printed out a giant photograph of himself making a strange face and waves it around while making the same face. His antics quickly caught the attention of sports writers, television cameras, and the Internet — one screen grab from a recent game has been viewed over half a million times already online.

If there are any legitimate (and awesome) reasons for printing out a gigantic photo of your own face, this has to be one of them.

(via ESPN via The Birmingham News via Coudal)

  • Chris Parent

    I don’t see why this has any relevance, nor why anyone really cares. Fans have been using these forever.

  • Anonymous

    It’s still hilarious. Besides, I’ve never seen or heard this done before.

  • Guest

    It’s funny for everybody but the poor people behind his sign.  

  • Kimberly Siebert

    a face only a momma and his team can lurve!  thats HOOLARIOUS. love it love it!

  • YourMoms

    I care. And that’s all that really matters

  • fast eddie

    I shot a photo of something similar in Detroit/Royal Oak last February at Bitter Cold Showdown inline skating competition at Modern skate park. I don’t think it was meant as a distraction; nobody knew his name, but everybody remembered his face :D