Meme: What Photographers Actually Do

Photo meme alert: here’s a series of humorous images that have been spreading across the Internet like wildfire. They show the differences between what various groups of people think about what photographers do.

(via Fstoppers)

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  • Aaro Keipi

    I love the main consistency: computers are our life. I think this one says it best:

  • coolface

    Trufax. This 125% accurate.

  • Carlos

    The chimpanzee one is best!

  • Philip Rawson

    Awesome, thank you for featuring me! ( #3: ) (PS: a link back to that URL on the image would be much appreciated Michael!)

  • Tom Carter


  • Anonymous

    You use someone else’s idea and images for a meme and then want a linkback to your facebook? That’s rich.

    First one is the best anyhow…

  • MiKLOG

    & add this to this already funny collection ;)

  • Kevin

    Oh so true! !!!!

  • Kevin

    Oh so true! !!!!

  • Paul

    Frighteningly accurate :/

  • Anonymous

    Seriously! Why do we keep doing this? 
    I know, I love it!

  • Odysseus

    Sounds just like a software developers world. We could have the same: People think systems are done RAD and it is sooo-easy and our customers think it does not cost anything because of FOSS and our friends think that we are sooo-tech and intelligent that we make a lot of money and out moms think we are sooo-intelligent that we can solve all problems in the world. What we actually do is that program lousy and non-inspiring systems so that you photographers could put your photos and your blog into the web…

  • Yazmdg

    Brilliantly conveyed the message…i spend more hours @ the puta, editing than i have ever done b4 :) I luv it tho!!

  • Jason

    Can’t relate…I shoot film. If you all hate sitting in front of a computer all day, why not step into a darkroom?

  • Gwwynn

    This was really good thanks for sharing


    thank you this is nice blog
    Veri Kurtarma

  • William

    Each one is hilarious, I don’t know which makes me laugh more