Epic Action Photos of Porcelain Figurines Shattering Against the Ground

For his project titled “Porcelain Figurines”, photographer Martin Klimas dropped various porcelain figurines onto the ground from a height of 3 meters and set up a camera to capture photos triggered by the sound of the crash. The result are razor-sharp images of exploding figurines frozen in time — “temporary sculptures made visible to the human eye by high-speed photography”.

You can find more of Klimas’ work over on his website.


Image credits: Photographs by Martin Klimas and used with permission

  • Dr. gut. Chris

    That “made in China” sticker is pretty funny

  • Janet Johnson

    Let’s see now. It seems to me that we’ve come a long way from the days when people protested the horror of Porcelain Figurines. And I never thought that I would be saying that.

  • mythbuster

    Good idea, but what about bringing a lawsuit for copyright infringement by the author of the porcelain?

  • Pryere

    Interesting but suspicious.

  • Guest

    you’re an idiot.

  • Guest

    Agreed. If this is the most interesting thing you can think to say about these dynamic images, just shut the fuck up.

  • mythbuster

     Oh, sorry! … and you besides not having humour sense are an expert lawyer, I see…

  • Stevemacken

    Mythbuster, this work would be considered transformative… so transformative that they cease to be porcelain figurines. :-)

  • Catherine Reohorn

    This is extraordinary. Does anyone know how you set your camera up to shoot in response to a noise?

  • Anonymous

    I want prints. Very rare to see stuff I think I could live with. But all of this particular set work for me.

  • mythbuster

     The only idiots here are you and the other bad-mannered child. For everyone else, it could be a copyright infringement, as sculptural works are also protected by law. i.e. see
    Anyway, I think is rather unlikely anybody wants bringing a lawsuit in this case…

  • kendon

    a sound trigger comes to mind…

  • terrieglin

    Lol I can’t believe people are fussing about objects/people there’re not real duh!!!

  • Jandomain

    To return to the subject in hand………LOVE IT!

  • Ercoshalil

    great photos.thank you.

  • Guest

    these are beautiful in concept and execution.  Thank you.

  • Sunny v6.0

    I wonder how many porcelain figurines he broke just to get the perfect shot…

  • Guest

    With the Chinese ripping of well known brands such as nike, adidas etc these figurines might also be rip-offs from the original artist. I’m also pretty sure these are not rare collectibles.

  • izmirveri

    these are beautiful in concept and execution.  Thank you.

  • Notodaysuka

    This is awesome, but how did he get the limbs to break perfectly into position like that? I think he must of had some rig to drop pre-boken parts. Or he fixed the pre-broken parts with some kind of tack substance that released as the figure was dropped. Anyway, awesome execution. Looks awesome, and I am impressed with the technical difficulty of the whole exercise.