Barbie Photo Fashion: 5-Megapixel Pics and a Built-In Chest LCD Screen

Toys are getting fancier and cameras are getting weirder. Mattel is set to launch a new camera barbie called Barbie Photo Fashion that’ll upgrade many a dollhouse with a human-shaped 5-megapixel digital camera. Unlike the soon-to-be-outdated Video Girl Barbie and its chest-cam, this new photography doll features a camera built into her back with the LCD screen moved to her frontside. She can store 100 photos, features a mini USB port on her lower back, and comes with 15 built-in photo “filters” — a must-have for toy cameras and apps these days. It’ll cost a cool $50 when it hits store shelves in the near future, though availability hasn’t been announced yet.

(via Engadget)

Image credits: Photographs by Engadget

  • John Milleker


    Though, for $50 I may buy one, chop off the arms, legs and head and use the torso as a cheap P&S for my car.

    BTW, Mini USB’s make the worst tramp-stamps ever. I guess it’s still better there than the alternatives.

  • x1

    Didn’t they already do something like that but was prohibited because “it would help pedophiles” take photos of kids?

  • Anonymous

     Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl

  • Leetta Yarlot

    Weird pic with the guy’s thumb pulling Babarie’s pants down !! LOL

  • ZD

    This is really weird….

  • Anonymous

    because tshirts with square images on the front are the epitome of fashion.

    I can just imagine some parent trying to record some incredible event, but finding themselves without a camera or phone.. dare they use the barbie?