250,000 Photos Flee Flickr on Flickraft Before Plug is Pulled

Cloud-based photo hosting service Snapjoy launched a clever web app (and marketing ploy) yesterday called Flickraft that made it easy for Flickr users to rescue their photos “from a sinking ship”. With just a few clicks, the app would import a user’s entire collection of Flickr photos over to Snapjoy using the Flickr API. The response was overwhelming: in just two hours, Flickr users had exported over 250,000 photos from their accounts. The app became so popular that Flickr disabled the API key used by it, likely for violating its terms of use. This short-lived exodus came roughly one week after Yahoo was blasted for laying off a number of Flickr employees.

(via The Next Web via TechCrunch)

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of clever rats! I really need to friend them on Facebook. Maybe Flickr will get their head out of their arse and actually innovate. But then again it’s Yahoo. They could not innovate themselves out of a wet paper bag.

  • Robert Pilla

    Lets do some math:
    4,000 + photos uploaded every minute
    1440 minutes in a day
    365 days in a year

    4,000 X 1440 X 365 = 2,102,400,000 photos uploaded since this time last year

    and you guys thing 250,000 photo being downloaded is a disaster? Fear Mongers looking to push an agenda!

  • will hall

    flickr is sinking? news to me or have i missed something. Is this PR or are flickr having problems?

  • Claire T

    Was thinking the same thing. I like flickr regardless of it being a part of Yahoo and have plenty of photos on there!

  • Richard Sheehan

    News to me, I’ve got 7000+ on Flickr

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Let’s do some more math:

    2 hours = 120 minutes.
    4,000+, let’s say 5,000 to be fair uploaded every minute.

    5,000 x 120 = 600, 000 images – 250, 000 = 350, 000/600, 000

    41.6% of images uploaded were archived elsewhere with an app that had a launch window of two hours. Now think if that web app survived 24 hours as word got out? That’s pretty significant.

  • Anonymous

     The problem is that most the seasoned customer service people with the tribal knowledge and cultural guidance were summarily dismissed. Your 7,000+ photos are in greater jeopardy due to the account deletion rate skyrocketing. Accounts are being deleted for frivolous things like having a female icon which belongs to a ‘male’ account IMPERSONATION! Even shots that seemed to be well within bounds have proven to get accounts deleted. Did someone say “bikini”? It’s all fine and dandy until all your photos, comments, faves, group administration is wiped. (I have 10X the number of photos on Flickr)

  • Mr. T in DC

    I’m a loyal Flickr user and am sticking with them.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Flickr users are always threatening to leave.  The problem with that threat is that Flickr is actually pretty good.  They do get some things wrong, I’ve certainly bitched my fair share, but their group system and API are fantastic.  I’ve also looked for a good alternative where I have API access and a simple and clean UI and haven’t found anything worth abandoning Flickr for.  (Feel free to leave suggestions!)

    However, now that their staff is being let go, and in light of their failure to really innovate, I can definitely see them going the path of Geocities or Webshots. Hopefully they’ll be spun off to somebody who knows how to cultivate it back into greatness.

  • OSAM

    Same here.  First I’ve heard of any issues at Flickr.

  • OSAM

    “Bikini”? Please.  There’s straight up xxx-rated pornography on Flickr.  But that’s within the rules, it seems.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, there is porn (I was just looking at some macro shots of a double-penetration, marked ‘safe’) but even properly categorized test photos are now getting the accounts deleted without warning. It’s just been tested.

  • Anonymous

     Me, too, but I also back up my stream using Bulkr because I have seen several instances where people are deleted when they shouldn’t have been.  You are allowed ~3 warnings and since I have been on Flickr over six years, I have probably used them all. Once, I reported a website for stealing and selling original size Flickr photos in my stream… Flickr/Yahoo deleted mine and gave me a warning. (that’s one mark) I’ve had a couple more for bikini shots… turns out they cannot be listed as ‘safe’ if the girl is too hot ;^) Tasteful nudes also need to be marked ‘restricted’ under many circumstances. But all those dings have added up and now with accounts being deleted when clearly following all the rules it would be prudent to backup your stuff.

  • Npappy

    app is already shut down lol

  • Mantis

    Lots of people are moving over to 500px.

  • Wil Fry

    It takes about an hour for 250,000 images to get uploaded TO Flickr. The current average is 4,000 per minute (x 62.5 = 250,000). So that many leaving Flickr isn’t even a ripple in a pond. I’m surprised this is a story to someone.

    What I am surprised by is how many people use Flickr as their only repository of images, and suddenly fear losing their images when Flickr goes under.

    Every website will go away at some point. Keep any files that are important to you on your computer and at least one other local backup.

  • Ashley lewis

    hush up!