Sigma Lops $6,400 Off Price of SD1 DSLR, Now Only $3,300

When Sigma released its SD1 DSLR with its fancy Foveon sensor last year, many photographers balked at the camera’s $9,700 price tag. Now, perhaps due to the launch of a new generation of Canon and Nikon DSLRs, Sigma is rethinking the camera’s price. In a press release put out today, the company announced that the camera will be re-launched the Sigma SD1 Merrill — named in honor of Foveon co-creator Richard “Dick” Merrill.

However, even with this revolutionary image sensor, we could not solve issues related to some of the manufacturing methods before the start of mass production, and the production cost ended up substantially exceeding our originally expected price. As a result, we had no choice but to set the price of the Sigma SD1 high. This caused great discouragement to all of you who looked forward to its release, and wished to experience the very unique image quality of the Sigma SD1 in person; this has become our biggest disappointment and pain.

Since then, overcoming this situation has become the first priority for us and Foveon, and we have together made improvements to reduce production cost substantially. Even though this effort took nearly a year, at last, we achieved a reduction target close to the price we originally planned. Therefore, we decided to release Sigma SD1 as a new product

The company has decided to lop off a whopping $6,400 from the MSRP, meaning the camera is now priced at $3,300. It was selling in stores for $6,899 before, so the new “street price” will likely be around $2,300.

(via BusinessWire via Photo Rumors)

Image credit: SIGMA SD1 front 01 by HAMACHI!

  • SmartiPants

    did you say that Sigma was going to offer this camera in a Canon mount, too? LOL!

  • Salz

    Yes! Finally! I’ll definately grab on!

  • Dave

    Someone had a Netflix moment.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that they chose to name it after the Foveon co-creator’s /last/ name. With the model name SD1 they were already set up to use the company name and his nickname! :(

  • Anonymous

    Really?  What complicating feature does this SLR have that Sigma’s previous models didn’t have?

  • Salz

    The new Foveon sensor has a 3 times higher resolution. Sigma will put that sensor in their little DP-series as well. I own the DP1x, it’s a very unique camera.

  • 9inchnail

    Wow, wanted to read up about this bad boy, not a single review on Amazon. Must have been a real success for Sigma. No wonder with that price tag. Specs sound awesome, maybe now people will get one. 

  • Sergio45

     Instead talking about the sensor, anyway foveon one has never fulfilled what promised, we could talk about the lens. 70% or more of the quality of pictures ,talking about equipment terms, depends on the lens. Because of that Leica is Leica, and Sigma is Sigma. Sorry for sigma,  but I would prefer to return to my old d90 with my nikkor 135mmDC mounted instead any lens that sigma could offer me for taking portraits, and for macro work, where can I find something similar to my nikkor 70-180mm micro in sigma catalog?My experience has shown me that the glass is the most important stuff, i dont mind about a foveon, a cmos, or my currently FF sensor. I dont want CAS in my pictures, and i want the best resolution and the best bokeh that i can. Only a good glass could bring me that.
    Of course you can say that i am talking about top notch lens, yes i am. But isn´t sigma talking about top-notch prices??
    Work with that sigma camera is like is like driving a Ferrari with the wheels of a mini, because of the lens.

  • Toomas Kadarpik

    Price went down because Nikon D800 can offer same amount of color resolution or at least in 99.99% of cases. D800 has better AF, metering, lenses and it is responsive system all in all better. 

  • mythbuster

    It´s wise to put things right, bravo Sigma!

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    lets be honest, who actually owns one of these cameras… seriously… I didn’t even know sigma made lenses in… sigma mount.