Gutsy Photographer Captures His Own Feet Dangling Off High Ledges

For his project Life on the Edge, Detroit-based photographer Dennis Maitland seeks out high locations for vertigo-inducing shots of his feet dangling off the edges. Rather than use a remote shutter release, he captures all his photographs by hand. Once an acrophobe, Maitland now craves the adrenaline that comes from doing his photography.

Life on the Edge (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Dennis Maitland and used with permission

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  • Kylie

    Gawwwwwwd looking at these makes me dizzy. Kinda wanna throw up.

    Great photos though.

  • Dennis Marciniak

    These are good – but I must say I like Tom Ryaboi’s work better.

  • Beeg

    He’s a copycat of the so-called ‘roofers’ of Russia, mainly young photographers who have developed this vertiginous genre extensively over the last few years. Check out some of their livejournal blogs for some of the amazing, hair-raising photos they’ve done over recent years.

  • Guest

    Why would you say that? Asshole.

  • Zet

    now do it in 3D 

  • Rex Sundstrom

    Remind me when he getsbthe shot of his legs as he falls to his death. Then he will be a realmphotographer…for a second at least.