Portraits of People in Two Different Times

AgeMaps is a project by photographer Bobby Neel Adams in which he does “photo surgery” on portraits to show two different moments in a person’s life in the same image. For each subject, Adams takes a childhood photo and a current photo, prints them at the same proportions, tears them in half, and glues the halves together. He says that this is to “telescope the slow process of aging into a single picture,” and that “a jump of time is established at the tear.”

You can see more photographs from this project here.

AgeMaps (via Visual News)

Image credits: Photographs by Bobby Neel Adams and used with permission

  • Guest

    wow the second image on the website is proof that black people are blessed with agelessness

  • Joshua Pierson

    Some of these are striking, but some (see image #3 above) have the creepiness dial set to 11.

  • Michael Zhang

    That one’s actually Two-Face as a baby

  • Aaro Keipi


  • Anonymous

    Played by John Travolta.

  • dcfemella

    These are amazing!