Photos of Terrible Explosions Frozen Serenely in Mid-Air

New Zealand-based photographer Geoffrey H. Short has an ongoing series titled Towards Another (Big Bang) Theory that explores “the relationship between terror and the sublime” with images of large explosions frozen in midair. Short hired film industry special effects technicians to create the “big bangs” using fossil fuel mixed with gunpowder.

You can view the rest of the photos in the series here. You can also visit his work in London at the Diemar/Noble Photography Gallery.

Towards Another (Big Bang) Theory (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Geoffrey H. Short and used with permission

  • Timothy Claypole

    a bit like Sarah Pickering then

  • Anthony Burokas

    Like the “eagle” shot (#2) I think they’d all look better cropping the ground out. 

  • Chris

    I personally prefer photos of the non-synthetic kind of explosion, the kind where the pressure wave is actually visible. Too bad most of the time such explosions require major destruction.