Amateur Astronomer Captures Beautiful Photos of Space from His Front Yard

Reddit user tirceol‘s father is an amateur astronomer who captures some amazing photographs of space from his front yard by hooking up a camera to his telescope’s eyepiece. He uses everything from a webcam to a Meade camera to capture the images, which are sometimes composites created using multiple photos. The above image shows the Andromeda galaxy 2.5 million light years away.

Saturn (pretty close):

Triangulum (3 million light years):

Jupiter (pretty close):

Orion (1500 light years):

(via Reddit)

  • Mike Heller

    Great stuff, love the photo of Saturn.

  • Anonymous

    That last image has the blown up Deathstar near the top :p

  • Astronomer

    You should check amateur astronomer forum : those pictures are ok, but you can find way better :-)

  • Chrswggl

    I noticed from past posts that you spend a lot of time on Reddit…