Windows 8 to Offer Improvements in Photo and File Management

The Microsoft team tasked with building Windows 8 has published a blog post with various user suggestions they’ve decided to implement in the OS. A big thing they’re focusing on is file management — something that isn’t usually touted as a “feature” but is important in day-to-day computer usage. One useful improvement is having the OS read the EXIF data in JPEG photos to automatically present the correct orientation.

Another improvement is how file copying will be handled — a task photographers run into all the time. The OS will be more intelligent in dealing with duplicate photos and files. The decisions on whether things are duplicates will no longer be based only on file name, but on things like size and modification date as well. No longer will you accidentally lose a photo if two of your cameras both shoot a photo named IMG_0001.JPG.

You can view a full rundown of changes here.

(via MSDN via Engadget)

  • Edward De La Torre

    Very cool. This in conjunction with a RAW converter that has a file system mode like Aftershot Pro has some flexible potential.

  • Nick Brickett

    Explorer? Lightroom please!

  • lloyd

    I can’t help but think this is a bad idea. Giving the OS more work to do when you should be checking your photos and making sure they are the right way round. like enabling the option on more cameras that say export to computer with the right orientation.

    This type of change takes a step away from the user and makes them all dumber.

    Its like removing filetypes from the users view.

    I ask my sister if she wants the pictures as a png or a jpg and she says “i dunno” whats that?

    the more in a bubble we put computer users the more it effects us all.

    Its just part of a bigger issue.

    I am happy they are updating the explorer. maybe one day we’ll get psd thumbs back without a hack.

  • kendon

    lol. took them 8 versions and 30 years to figure that one out. what will be next?

  • Zac

    hahaha it’s made by microsoft = won’t actually work.

  • Dzander

    I’m going to completely disagree with you, I’d love it if I could plug in my camera and it would juct copy all the to my pc, lable then file them in the correct location and then have then ready in lightroom for me, all while i surfed the net. that woudl be wicked. I love the concept of the computer doing a whole bunch of stuff for me. I’m still gonna edit my photos but if it makes the “filing” work easier i’m all for it.

  • Sean

    welcome to 2012 windows… or as cheech marin once said “better late than never”

  • Lofi

    Why would that be an improvement? Only because Windows will be able to do in the future what 3rd party freeware was able to do years ago?

  • Poida

    I’m going out on a limb… but guessing with a name like Lloyd… you’ve got more serious problems in your life.