Tips For Taking Great Food Photos Using Your Smartphone

Here’s a short and sweet video in which Chicago-based food photographer Stephen Hamilton shares some tips on how to take photographs of food using your smartphone. One tip is to use a white napkin as a makeshift reflector to fill in some of the shadows in the shot.

(via Doobybrain)

  • OSAM

    Umm, no.

  • anitas


  • Travis

    *Resisting the urge to snap my CF card in two and slit my wrists*  I get the whole the best camera is the one you have stuff, but I can’t believe people are thinking that somehow cellphones are better.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure nobody is thinking that cellphones are better. I don’t know about you, but a lot of people don’t bring all their camera equipment with them to every meal.

  • tabby cat

    You just need one hand to hold the phone in the right spot and angle for a good composition, and one hand to press on the screen to take the photo, and one hand to hold the napkin.  Wait!  What?  Um….