A Look At Yuri Arcurs’ Microstock Empire

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle produced this interesting segment on photographer Yuri Arcurs and how he turned his microstock photography into a million-dollar photography empire. Here’s a mind-boggling statistic: on average, Arcurs sells one of his images every 8 seconds.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Mike

    He should be sent to jail for destroying stock photo market

  • Bob

    By that logic every stock photographer should be sent to jail as well for destroying assignment photography.
    It’s not his fault that microstock is giving photographers a hard time.

  • Lol

    kill him! a photograph less than 1$??? aaaaa

  • Mikko Moilanen

    A pro is a pro :D

    I think there is a time for thousands “pro” photographers to realize that they aren’t that pro after all :D

  • ISO 1200 Magazine

    We have the brand new video with Yuri Arcurs Photography Boot Camp in Cape Town 2012!

  • Aaro Keipi

    “He should be sent to jail for doing something better than anyone else” <– Yeah, that doesn't make much sense, does it?