3,000 Photos Are Uploaded Every Second to Facebook

Facebook officially filed to become a publicly traded company today and, in doing so, spilled the beans on many of its internal figures and statistics that are normally under wraps. A crazy fact that emerged is that an average of 250 million photographs are uploaded to the service every day. That’s equal to 10.4 million per hour, 174,000 per minute, or 3,000 photographs per second. In terms of storage, the photos and videos hosted by the service take up 100 petabytes, or 100 million gigabytes. Wowzers.

(via PopPhoto)

  • Jeffrey Remick

    So that’s why they are compressed as hell and look like poop.

  • Marty Pouwelse

    We’ll have that much storage in our phones by this time next year.

  • greg

    Can’t stand images on Facebook any more, they look so bad and you waste so much time trying to get a good look it aint worth it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduce a yearly fee to upload images of better quality. I would pay for it it they just looked ‘normal’

  • Anonymous

    Of the 3,000 photos every second, 1,500 of them are three drunk girls with their arms around each other, 500 are peoples dogs “doing something cute”, 500 are sleeping babies, 500 are Instagrams of a wall and the last 500 are image macro memes containing something overtly racist about the President.

  • anonymous

    2.7E+12 / 845E+6 ~= 3200 comments/likes per user per day…

  • Mantis

    ^ What 
    ennuipoet  said. 

  • Anonymous

     Your math is off bub.

  • Flgraphics

    how do they keep up with the storage needs? thats insane

  • Ccccc

    So each of 820,000,000 #facebook users posts only 1 pic every 3+ days (i.e around 115 pics every year)? I am not impressed.

  • Adam

    This article confuses “photograph” with “image”.