Portraits of Abandoned Cars Taken From the Back Seat

Photographer Alicia Rius bases much of her work around searching for “hidden treasures”. One particular series is titled “From the back seat of my car”, and consists of unplanned photographs taken from the back of abandoned cars. She writes,

The first car I found was the red one. Then, another then day while I was driving, I saw another abandoned car. I never looked for them, actually, I think they found me. I was thinking in a way to immortalize their beauty and turn the tin in something romantic. So I decided to step in… and OMG, that was really tricky! But after fighting with the spiders, the bees, hurting myself to try to squeeze my body in such a small place… it was worth it.

from the backseat of my car (via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Photographs by Alicia Rius and used with permission

  • Josh Huskin

    This is a cool idea, I would like it better if it wasn’t HDR though.

  • Aaro Keipi

    Right when I saw the pictures, I thought to myself “Someone’s gonna comment on the HDR.” Hooray for being right! This is Petapixel, after all.

  • Sinmeta

    If it hadn’t been done in HDR though, wouldn’t much of the detail have been lost?

  • lloyd

    no, it would of made the pictures 3 times better,

  • D.

    Well, isn’t this actually exactly where you need High Dynamic Range, because of the light difference..

    And it’s now overdone and fits quite good to these types of pictures.

  • Keenan Adams

    Yeah ur a fuckin idiot. If it wasn’t an HDR photo,there would only be half the detail. Go read a book before you make reckless comments.

  • Through Painted Eyes

    And in other news we explore the phenomenon of internet overreactions…

  • Steven Blackwood

    +10 Great commentary!

  • Tito Herrera

    This reminds me of an Old Photo Book Called: “Abandon America” It was very cool too! Here is a link to the book:

  • Dave

    Actually, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Have you ever heard of artificial lighting? Or grammar for that matter?

  • Mnor7373

    Interesting debate – if you can call it that. I don’t think artificial lighting would suit the subject as well as HDR.

  • Gavin Stokes

    Its what HDR should be used for, its used well and understated. Artificial light would probably do the job but its not needed and would be awkward to setup. Every tool has a place in the box.

  • Alicia Rius

    Well, being the author I have to say that I wanted to play with this “artificial” look and feel to make the photos more like a dream. 

    And of course, without HDR you miss a lot of details. I wanted to show the scars of the tin, the damaged leather, the dust and every single detail that time has done to the cars.

  • Davideofilms

    Not sure why people don’t like the HDR , of course if it’s over done but I don’t think these are , they look pretty amazing if you ask me , great subject matter and kudos to you for the concept :)

  • Manyala

    Nice concept but just wondering why all the cars are abandoned in the bush. would have been better to have some of those in junk yards, residential areas etc, just saying.


  • Ian


  • Mantis

    I like HDR.

    When it’s done tastefully, like it is in these photos.

  • Alicia Rius

    Actually, I have more cars but I wanted to keep the coherence with the plants and the flowers inside. Is like those cars were like greenhouses. They have been abandoned, left alone, forgotten, dying but at the same time, they are giving life to other kinds of shapes. Plus, it is harder to find cars with flowers and plants inside, was a challenge :)

  • tron_

    hating hdr is the new photographic fad.  if you hate tonal range so much, go use a shitty point and shoot.  

    whats wrong with hdr when done tastefully?  i like these pics btw.

  • Dave

     To clarify what you are whining about; I believe most complaints about hdr is how horribly overdone it is nowadays. These here are pretty good but the ‘new fad’ is to pound the crap out of you image in Topaz until it no longer qualifies as a photograph, and then accept pats on your back for how much of an ‘artist’ you are for buying the hdr program.

  • Alicia Rius

    I´ve tried some programs like Photomatix but I didn´t like the result so I work the HDR with Photoshop manually. Lot of work but the result is nicer.

  • Josh Huskin

    Don’t get me wrong…because I didn’t mean to cause any arguments. I love these photos.  Excellent idea, and great job finding these cars and execution. I would just love it more if it was shot on film, and/or different processing. Just my opinion.

  • Josh Huskin

    I think you did a great job…fighting off the spiders and dirt was worth it.  The idea is awesome and the photos are great. I didn’t mean to cause an argument about HDR up top :(

  • Skfloyd

    I love these photos and LOVE the HDR and wide angle (canon?).  They are phenomenal and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Again, I’ll restate in all caps LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!!  If there were ever a reason to use HDR, what you’ve done here is the reason.  Gosh folks, stop bein’ haters.  :) 

  • Skfloyd

    lol, tron, my thoughts exactly  :) 

  • Skfloyd

    @ Alicia, I really cannot believe you are having to explain yourself on these photos to so many negativios.  They are so wonderful. 

  • Bonnie Toll

    I love these photos … so much so, that I’m going to start taking images of abandoned vehicles, tweaking with HDR, in this same manner.
    Bravo! :)

  • Dave

    Is Canon the only camera company that makes wide angle lenses now?

  • Dave

    A+ for originality

  • KGardnerRRD

    Well done. They’re gorgeous!!

  • John Daly

    I have been photographing abstract images of old abandoned cars I find in the Southwest Desert for about 5 years.