Mattebox: An iPhone Camera App That’s Modeled After the Konica Hexar

Photographer and developer Ben Syverson has created an iPhone camera app called Mattebox that mimics the Konica Hexar, a luxury point-and-shoot from 1993 that was powerful enough for professionals but simple and intuitive enough for beginners. It’s one of the most beautifully designed camera apps we’ve seen yet, and comes with a number of fancy features baked into it (e.g. dual stage shutter release, highlight recovery, advanced B&W conversion). The app costs $4 over in the iTunes App Store.

Mattebox (via TOP)

  • stanimir stoyanov

    It seems like every other iPhone app is designed for hipsters and/or people who want to be hipsters.

  • Graysmith

    There’s nothing about this app that screams “hipster” so what are you even talking about?

  • Andrew White

    Shut up and take my money! 

  • Slightlynorth

    I hate apps like this, that almost seem to fool people into thinking their iPhone can perform better than it really can. This is a $4 “luxury” waste of money according to most of the app reviews in the store. I don’t see this one knocking off the likes of Camera+ anytime soon, or well… ever.

  • koolaid

    so basically instead of taking a photo and editing it later. here you get to edit the photo before you take the shot? not that impressive if you really think about, so by the time you finally adjust the contrast, wb, iso ect ect. your shot that you wanted could be gone already. i dont understand how this app would make taking pics with your iphone any better. if you really want something where you can adjust iso’s , WB, shutter speeds, exposure comps, focus points ect ect, then why not just pick up a real camera and stop pretending? if you can afford an iphone4s you can afford a real camera. 

  • Ronb Temp1


  • Bemused

    Strange that you criticize an app that actually does make the iPhone perform better, and that you somehow think a beautifully designed, functional app should cost less than a latte at Starbucks. The developer has not misrepresented this app, so somehow you are enraged about…what exactly?

  • Bemused

    Somehow, you have completely missed the point. People take photos with their iPhones. This application makes that process better and improves the quality of the images. You can make adjustments either before or after you take a photo. You can also do that on the website for any image. How is this a problem?

  • monteraz

    Most of photography apps are the realm of inauthenticity, which is a hipsters’ thing indeed. I would see it well but for the bastard remininescence they pretend. What in the Gods name has to see a 6×6 Fuji Velvia real photo or a Konica Hexar with a 35 mm f/2 lens with an IPHONE? Nothing. But sounds and looks cool. No authenticity, no personality = hipster. Just show it with a white shirt and white scenario to other hipsters, and take your money. 

  • Tony

    Bunch of cry babies. I don’t see any issues with this app, it’s actually the best one I’ve used so far. Gives me more control over my image. The app gives you all the same settings and controls as any DSLR other than vignetting. So what makes this a hipster app? What’s makes it inauthentic? Nothing, that’s what. Seems like the people who read this blog are pretentious snobs who think that they know everything about photography. My only gripe with it is that you can’t use the hardware button for the shutter. Other than that it’s great.