Cinemagraph of a Camera Lens Blinking

Photographer Scott Sexton created this cinemagraph showing the aperture blades in a Canon 50mm f/1.8 opening and closing. It’s like he made a cinemagraph of a cinemagraph being made.

In other news, Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck — the American photographers credited with coining the term “cinemagraph” in 2011 — have published a stunning new series of cinemagraphs captured in Malibu. We first shared their work back in April of 2011. Be sure to give their entire website a look if you haven’t already.

  • bob cooley

    The Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck stuff is gorgeous…

    The image illustrating this article, we call that an animated gif…

    Sorry, not trolling, but I made a similar image for my web avatar over 10 years ago (and took the extra step to invert the images so it actually looked like a camera taking a photo of you, not an image shot in a mirror)…

  • Richard Ford

    Harry Potter rip off….. try some originality please.

  • Mantis

    Wow, what a tool.

  • WebSeyyahı Blog

    lol :)