Turn an Old GPS or Cell Phone Mount Into a Suction Cup Tripod

If you have an old mount for attaching a GPS or cell phone to your windshield, you can upcycle it into a suction cup tripod for your camera (just make sure it’s not the flimsy kind that falls off on its own). What you’ll need to do is flatten the mount surface and then install a tripod screw. Nano_Burger has a step-by-step tutorial on how he did this conversion over on Instructables. The resulting tripod allows you to fix your camera in locations that aren’t accessible to tripods that don’t suck (hah, get it?).

Turn Your GPS Suction Cup Support Into A Camera Tripod (via Lifehacker)

  • Guest

    When you’ve got shower photography to do, necessity is the mother of invention.

  • kendon

    weight of a cellphone: <200 grams
    weight of a gps: 1200 grams

    anyone seeing a problem here? and that lens is not even heavy, compared to others. it’s nice that you could put a 1980s midrange pentax with a 50mm on it, but i don’t see it holding any decent gear from this millenium…

  • Berneck1

    There is no way I would do this!

  • OSAM

    T3i + 50mm f/1.8 = 700g

    Dont be an ass.

  • kendon

    Even thats probably more than three times the weight that these holders are designed for. If you wan to do that then fine. I would get a suction tripod for what, 30 bucks, to protect 600+ dollars of gear. Comes with added benefit of not bouncing around with the slightest movement. Also, attitude?

  • nnr

    Why do you insist that this method has to be used with heavy gear? This can be used with point and shoots or any other lightweight camera.

  • kendon

    @nnr: i don’t. the picture implies to do so. also everyone please get a life, i just pointed out that this doesn’t seem to be a good idea for the heavy gear most of us carry around. i did not yell “hang the inventor” nor did i insist on anything. please check your facts before pissing your pants kthxby.

  • Daniel Goodale

    Hey, this project was just a recycling project!  The suction cup can hold a lot of modern point and shoots and a host of lomography cameras as they weigh practically nothing anyway.  I make the point in the Instructable that weight plays an important role in the decision to use the support.  I have many cameras that will work and many that will not.  

  • Whortondl

    Theres no way I’m suction cupping my kit to a cellphone holder

  • Ben Marshall

    I managed to hold my own weight in the air for about 3 seconds holding on to the suction cup,  back when I worked at RADIO SHACK… if it could hold my weight for that long, My guess is that it will hold your DSLR… we are not talking about a piece of junk suction cup… these are more industrial, usually with a vacuum lock on them… but always inspect for defects when recycling something to be cheap… especially when it is a life or death situation for your camera.